Best/Worst States for LPN opportunities

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    I'm so tired of where I live and I plan on just packing my bags and hitting the road. I was wondering where are some of the places I should look into that has great opportunities and pay for LPN's and which cities should I avoid all together?

    I live in Upstate NY right now.

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    I have heard that Arizona has a great need for all kinds of nurses because of the elderly /retired population there.
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    Maybe the metropolitan area here in New York may serve you better. I have seen hospital, home care, assisted living and many agencies that hire LPNs here. I have not been disappointed, yet. What type of jobs are you looking for?
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    In the part of Illinois that I live in LPN's can work in Homecare, LTC and at clinics, not hospitals. If it's a hospital job your looking for do not come to northern Illinois.
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    Quote from pat8585
    I have heard that Arizona has a great need for all kinds of nurses because of the elderly /retired population there.

    Yep, that's right! Arizona has a huge nursing shortage but no shortage on programs. Well, let me re-phrase that....There are many programs in this area, LPN and RN however the waitlist are growing but nothing like California. I am currently on the list to start an LPN program, 13 months long, only $7900 and you do get federal funding for the cost. Either loans or grants whichever you qualify for. I am also on the list for another program but I'm going with the one I have already been accepted to. I was hoping to move back to Cali but with all the waitlists and the things I have heard about the expensive Tech schools, Im slowly changing my mind. There are a ton of jobs here for LPN's and RN's. The pay is decent too.
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    I'm lucky, Virginia tends to be kind to LPN's. I work on a medical telemetry unit and at the hospital I'm at there's one or two LPN's in each unit including ER, PEDS, CCU, and even OB. However most of these LPN's have been there for years and although the ER and Peds will hire an LPN every once in a while they don't do it very often. But the reason LPN's can be utilized in hospitals here is because our scope of practice has very few restrictions, can't hang blood, can't administer certain IV drugs (Adenosine, Dopamine, etc.) unless it's during a code then we can as long as an MD, PA, NP, or RN is in the room, and we can't set "Care Priorities". But other than the we're pretty good to go.
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    There are lots of jobs for LPNs in my area of Virginia. LTC is always hiring, and I see numerous ads for home health/agency, docs office, prisons, dialysis, state mental health facilities, and on rare occasions (in my area) even the hospitals.

    I believe there are hospitals in the Va. Beach area that use LPNs.
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    I have worked in the Seattle area which has a strong need for LPN's in nursing homes, dr's offices, clinics, and some hospitals. In my opinion though, the pay does not reflect the high cost of living in this area though.

    I also have worked in Dallas/Fort Worth where there is also a great need for LVN's in almost all areas. LTC pays the best all around, but hospital pay for LVN's in Dallas/Fort Worth is pretty pitiful. However the cost of living is very low in that area.
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    I agree with p2000, come to the 5 boroughs
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    I would say California, northern cali in particular, is the worst place to work as an LVN. Not so much for the lack of jobs, but it is the fact that your hands will be so tied here. We have been reduced to pill passers and our job options mainly consist of nursing homes with terrible patient ratios such as 1 LVN for up to 50 pateints.

    On the other hand, you can make $74,000 a year without overtime as an MTA/LVN in northern California. Simply the highest paid LVN position in the U.S..

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