Are there any LPN's not going for RN?

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    I feel like I am the only LPN out of my class mates and co workers that isnt actively trying to pursue their RN. Is it so bad to " just " be an LPN? I am not saying that one day I may not look into it but I am pretty happy with my LPN license.

    I work in a clinic and dont plan on leaving the clinic field so an RN would not benefit me much, only a couple $$ pay raise which by the time I got through school I would already be making that much due to raises. Also my LPN classes would not transfer so I would be starting from square one even in a bridge program. I already have a lot of experience as an LPN that really benefits me so I also would not be keen on being considered a new grad and having to trudge throught the new grad job market again. The first time was rough enough!

    Anyone else not planning on going for RN anytime soon? Sometimes I feel like a slacker for not wanting to!
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    Hey I'm with you.I have no desire to go back to school.I am perfectly happy as I am. The thought of going back to deadlines, papers, and exams makes me shudder.The thought of going back into debt isn't appealing either.
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    I don't think I am. It's funny because that's always the first question anyone asks me when I say I'm an LPN. I do not need to take on anymore debt and I enjoy my work environment. It makes me sick the thought of taking another NCLEX!!! I don't ask people that when they tell me what their career is. For example if they say they work at a daycare my first question isn't are you going to go work for a college next. It can be annoying at times. I am happy being an LPN!
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    Im with you so I just passed my boards on 8/29 and was out of school for 9 yrs before I passed (due to starting a family) tired of that question..Dang I just passed let me enjoy my LPN first but right now I dont wanna fight the NCLEX..Ill take a couple of certs thats it to earn more money but idk about going on to RN
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    I don't plan to. I don't need to for what I want to do. I hear it all the time too, or its just implied that of course, I'll go on for my RN. As for being "just" an LPN, my instructor about lost her **** on our first day & said she NEVER wanted to hear us say that, ever.
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    An LPN I worked with said she wouldn't want to be a RN. She didn't want to be responsible or in charge. This was in an acute care hospital.
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    I never have. I received my LVN license 22 years ago. I worked in hospitals, clinic and have been doing home care for about the last 10 years. My only regret in not going onto RN is that as I am getting older and would like to move away from direct bedside care. I have found that my options are limited not being an RN.
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    I have trouble with Anatomy and memorizing stuff now that I am 46. Won't be going back either. Started at VA back in '86, worked there for 13 yrs. (wish I'd stayed now ugh) Been mostly doing home care now and am sick of it actually. Applied for a Methadone clinic and messed up telling HR my van was on the fritz, so they won't be calling me back dang it!!!
    I want to get back into a hospital but have no clue how to do IV's even though I did get IV certified like 8 yrs. ago. Never used it but wish someone would hire me and offer to teach me these things. Home care is so boring and I need action! Now I'm just babysitting because I really do miss babies and there is no charting involved lol.
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    I don't plan on going back to school for RN any time soon either. Even during nursing school people acted like I was crazy for not going on for RN right away. But I want to get student loans paid off before I even think about going back to school. And I'm happy where I am right now. At this point I have no desire to become an RN.
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    *Raises hand* I won't be going back for RN either. I've been a LPN for almost 17 years and have no desire to start over. I too get asked the "why don't you get your RN" question myself and just say simply "I'm satisfied with where I am right now." In fact, if I were to pursue another degree at 47 years old, it would most likely be in Healthcare Administration or something to do with computers and software and/or networking.
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