Anyone else decide to not to go on to RN and stay an LPN? Anyone else decide to not to go on to RN and stay an LPN? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Anyone else decide to not to go on to RN and stay an LPN? - page 3

Hello fellow nurses, I have been an LPN for going on 11 years; worked in LTC for MH/MR, LTC for the elderly,hospital setting and currently homecare. I have always debated and even started at one... Read More

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    I read everything here.
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    At this stage of my life, it's about quality and life balance. An LVN is perfectly respectful and in this litigious culture I do not want the liabitly and stress that RNs face these days.
    ...That being said, I will probably start my prereqs after my LVN and change my mind if cost permits. I'll cross that bridge later.
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    I have been in school and the more I did it the more I decided to be happy where I am. I made great grades, but I have kids in middle school, high school, and college. I also have a husband that travels. I think that I want to be apart of my family. My kids are growing up fast. I make a good living as a LPN and I am in a position of leadership and don't have to work weekends and nights.
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    It seems like it was a lifetime ago when I posted a response. In March of 2013, after working as a LPN in home health for a year, I made the decision to enroll into an online LPN to RN program. Although I have surpassed the 2 year deadline I gave myself, I am glad I made the decision to advance my nursing degree. I really had no intention on becoming an LPN but I do not regret having to take that step back. The amount of experience I gained as a home health LPN is what has helped me the most in this program. I am so happy to FINALLY see the light at the end of this tunnel. Unfortunately my previous response on the limited areas in the healthcare field for LPNs in my area held true. My choices are STILL limited to home health, LTC and clinics (if you have the experience) even with almost 5 years work experience. As I prepare for my clinical exit exam (7-12 month waiting list) I smile even more because I know that even when I FINALLY earn a RN license, I will ALWAYS be a LPN at heart.
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    I totally know how you feel. I've been an lpn for 5 yrs and keep on revisiting the thought about becoming an RN. I've taken a few prerequisites myself. I decided that I'm happy where I'm at. Who knows if I'll change my mind again. However, I am sure lpn/lvns are very valuable to the medical field. We DO have less responsibilities than RNs, that's a +. I'm happy being an lpn! We care for people within our scope and we're all nurses. The very best to everyoneyes: