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Hi guys I applied to charity for the fall of next year and am waiting on the letter. i am so nervous i dont know what am gonna do if i dont get in. I have thought about other choices like LSU and... Read More

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    Hi All,

    I would like to let everyone know that I too am a victim of the flawed profile scoring system at CSN. I received a denial letter in early December and was very disappointed. However, I went to the admissions office and spoke with the coordinator. We reviewed my profile sheet along with my transcripts and discovered that I was missing 10 points. This brought my score of 50 to a 60! She apologized for the error and gave me my Fall 2011 acceptance package on the spot. I am so happy that I didn't give up! Yay me!
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    Good!! I knew i was not the only one that this happen to... Because i am sure that they had so many applicants that they were not looking at the profiles carefully!!! I wonder how many people accepted the denial letter and did nothing. Well i guess that makes the smart us ;-)
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    Anyone attend the health requirements orientation yet? Do you have to bring with you the health forms printed from the website?
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    I went yesterday!! No u dont have to bring those yet, they are do May 16. They just explain important things we have to do. They gave an additional packet that is do March 17 for the LSBN.
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    Thanks for the info, Kubana. I'll probably go today. Lot of people show up?