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I am very interested in attending BRCC's nursing program, the only thing is I have heard that they only have 60 postions available and I am wondering how to Enusre that i have a spot. Anyone how has... Read More

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    I am not are getting me a little nervous!
    I don't know what the reasoning behind the dean swap was...nor what that means for me and my classmates.

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    Girl Don't Get Nervous Hopefully This Is Just A Rumor And You Are Good To Go, But I Would Definately Find Out What The Deal Is.
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    Quote from mskay
    Girl Don't Get Nervous Hopefully This Is Just A Rumor And You Are Good To Go, But I Would Definately Find Out What The Deal Is.
    easy to say...I am in count down mode...what if my count down will be longer??!!!????!!

    dying to know what teacher you are talking about as well
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    I don't know where you all are getting this info from! As long as you have a Louisiana license you can work. No hospital expects a school to be accredited for the first class. The school is accredited by the Louisiana Board of Nursing, but can't get any NLN or other accreditations until they graduate the first class based on the NClex pass rate.
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    I talked to a nursing instructor (a family friend) who said you can work as a nurse in most places with just a RN license. But you have to graduate from a accreditate school to get a bsn or higher.

    Did your teachers say anything about this????? :icon_roll
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    Eyespy, this is the last response to any of your questions since you didn't answer any of our questions about who the instructor was whose class failed at SU or whatever school it was. I've already spoken to the school where I will go to get my MSN and I will be accepted. Anyone with common since knows were the first class to graduate from the school. Good luck to you and I hope you find some other sources of info b/c the ones you currently have don't know much.
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    I was just trying to get information about BRCC nursing school before I apply in the spring, not trying to make nobody nervus.

    The teacher I talked about before was a medical surgery teacher at SU and OLOL. She applied to OLOL last semester when she was at BRCC but they wouldnt hire her back. I no this is true cause our friend teaches at OLOL.
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    More changes at BRCC. *name deleted* is going to work at the genral hospital. who is giong to be the new dean?
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    So where did you hear this...and when is she suppose to be leaving?
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    Can anybody tell me what to expect on the HESI at BRCC? Does it have Chemistry? Physics? Biology? Anatomy? Is everything thats in the study guide on the test?

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