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Stacey, I have X scheduled for micro in the fall but i might switch and little field for A&PII. My question is can I still apply for the spring even though I haven't had stats or micro yet? I'll be finished with my pre-reqs this summer so by the fall I would already have Eng, Math, psyc 201, arts, and A&PI. Thanks

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Thank you.

Oh ok!! Yes, you can still apply without having completed stats and micro. I don't have stats or psyc 202. I still need to take them while in the program. You just have to have those FIVE courses they require: engl, math, psyc, art/hum, and A&PI. So yes, still apply! Do well on your Hesi test. Get the study book out the brcc bookstore to prepare for it and apply in Feb/March timeframe!! Good luck Ms. Tunson :)

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