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Any accelerated SELU students out there??? - page 3

Hi everyone I was wondering were there any Southeasten University Louisiana "SELU" accelerated of future accelerated students out there. I barely see threads with anyone saying much about the... Read More

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    Do you have any information on acceptance rates of 2014 nursing? I'm PRAYING I get in to the accelerated program with a 3.6. I hate my job and can't take doing this much longer! I applied for the program that starts this May.... just waiting for my results . Any recommendations? Do you study for the NCLEX now or are you waiting until your last semester? I'm taking my last pre req online now while I'm working.... curious about that too... is working a part-time job do-able in the accelerated program? I can't see just living off of these loans... they won't last long. I'm excited and worried. I didn't bother applying elsewhere. I live near selu so that Is where I would like to go (aside from clinicals)

    Thanks for any help you may have
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    I am applying for the traditional program and I was told by my advisor that the cut off GPA has been a little over a 3.3 the past few semesters. I'm not sure about the accelerated program but I've heard most people say it's easier to get in.
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    @Biologist2RN - did you get in? I am debating applying for the spring. I am currently in biomedical research but really want to move into more clinical stuff/research nursing. I live in NOLA so the commute will be a bear, but it's only 18 months. I am also applying to LSU - still debating between trad or accelerated there.
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    Well it only took me forever to answer you back, never got a notification! Sorry! But YES! I got in and have been doing well with only the occasional (MAJOR) breakdown! I went the accelerated route and am SO glad I did. Traditional students all say they dont know how "we" do it, but honestly I dont know how they do! The classes that are "shortened" into either two week classes (interim) or summer classes are better that way in my opinion. Otherwise they would be dragging them out! Freaking community lab is the most drawn out class you will ever have and you write like a 25-30 pg paper on CRAP! (Sorry, had to vent) the program is hard because it's time consuming, the material is not hard! Now, this is coming from someone who is entering third semester in a week so.... The worst is yet to come so I've heard! Pray that I make it through with ease! I hope you got in by the way! Im going to try to figure out why Im not getting these notifications until next time!
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    Hi! Can you tell me more about the program? I'm hoping to start in January 2016. I have 2 kids, one will be almost 4 and the other will be 14 months. Do you think it is doable with kids? Thanks!
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    Again not getting notifications! Did you end up entering the program? I finished in December and am finally done! Let me know how things went @KristinSheree
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    I ended up going to Charity made more sense than commuting to Hammond/BR. Entering 3rd semester. Love it.
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    Quote from KristinSheree
    Hi! Can you tell me more about the program? I'm hoping to start in January 2016. I have 2 kids, one will be almost 4 and the other will be 14 months. Do you think it is doable with kids? Thanks!
    Hi, did you get in?
    Yes it's doable with kids. I had 2 small kids and a part time job when I went through the program. It was rough, not gonna lie. But if you are determined and want to do it, you can.
    Good luck!!
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    Hello! Anyone still lurking around here? Id love more info on admissions to the accelerated programs? I'd be coming from California. So, any info would be helpful. ...Does anyone know if the GPA is based on overall or just pre reqs? Is cost of living high out there? please anyone.
    ...I replied to you Biologisttorn because you Daud you respond to replies lol...i hope someone sees this!
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    Hi there! Did you ever start the program,?
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    Hi I would like to know how was the accelerated program .
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    Hi there! I actually have an advising appointment with Southeastern School of Nursing tomorrow. Specifically about undergrad substitutions for their required prereqs, but I will also be asking about the chances of getting in etc.
    For everyones reference, I was not allowed to speak to an advisor until after I applied. I will post again soon with the information I receive.
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    Thank you! !!!! Good luck and keep us posted!