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  1. Hello all I'm Currently starting school in Jan. to work towards my R.N. program. but every one is telling me to do the L.P.N. first what to do ? I'm currently married 4 kids & work construction related work. was considering possibly a C.N.A class to get a job @ a hospital. I live in the west kentucky area every one i call requires at least a cna to get hired.

    Littmann stethescopes what is a good cheap one to start out with im looking at the i beleive it is a new one the littmann 2 se light weight two sided or would a one sided be better there web site is .[/URL] any help greatly appreciated
    Sincerely Jerry prospective student
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  3. by   Thelto
    I am in Central Kentucky. I recommend the RN program-I am in my last semester. LPN salaries are lower and in some hospitals like the one I work in, the LPN's are hired only as techs. If you go the LPN route, you only bypass the first semester of the ADN programs-I don't think it would be worth it. Just my opinion. Better yet, go the BSN route-the ADN is a killer-they cram everything in two years-the BSN is more spread out. It all depends on where you want to be in the long term. As for scopes, I chose ADSCOPE-cheaper than Littman and some cardiologists swear by them. Don't go all out moneywise for one-it's not that necessary. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Thelto
    Oh, also I forgot! Don't do the CNA-its like 400 dollars around here. Once you get your first semester of ADN behind you, you are basically able to work as a tech (similar to CNA) in the major hospitals. CHeck with your advisors. Hospitals are great places to work while in nursing school because they are flexible with school and the money is ok. Good luck!
  5. by   BBFRN
    Hi from Louisville! I agree with Thelto- go ahead and get your RN. I am currently an LPN, almost done with my RN, and I really wish I had gone ahead and gotten my RN in the first place. You might want to go ahead and get your ADN, and find an employer that will help you pay for your BSN if you decide you want to get it. I also agree that you shouldn't waste your time/money on a CNA class- it's true that you can get certification after your 1st semester of clinicals in nursing school.

    The only thing I regret about being a nurse is not getting my RN sooner. The pay difference between LPN and RN is a lot (about $10/hr difference) here!
  6. by   Raevyn
    I would say go for RN. I am in my first semester in the ADN program... its only 1 semester longer than the LPN and the pay difference in remarkable.

    In our program, (I too am in Western Kentucky) we HAVE to have a CNA to be accepted into the RN program. I went from business administration to working as a CNA just so I could get some experience. Currently I am working in a nursing home... would like to get hospital experience.. but will begin looking for that or even a job as a CMA (we can challenge the exam at the end of our first semester) and pass meds in the nursing home instead.

    The hospital I want experience in is a 45 minute commute.. Just to far to get home in time for my husband to get to work.. just don't know what to do on that one.. I work 24 hours on the weekends.. and get paid for 36 hours... where I work.. so will probably stay there till I finish school.

    But YES YES YES>.. do go the RN route... nothing against LPN's at all.. I was accepted into that program as well.. I just can't see how 1 more semester will make any difference and it will give me far more opportunities!

    Best wishes,
  7. by   Medic2005
    Rae, Thanks for the positive feed back, butt here is my situation I'm the sole provider for my house hold not to sound harsh here. I'm a male here in Benton ,Ky it sounds as if we are going to the same school West Kent Comm College ? I would love to do the R.N first i just feel it would be better for me to do the L.P.N route first i need alot more help in studying anyway i still have to get my C.N.A training & retake the compass thanks once again for the supportive post

    Sincerely Jerry R.N. to be
  8. by   Raevyn
    Hi Jerry!!!

    We are going to the same school!!! GRIN!! Yeah!!!!

    Hey.. nothing wrong with your plan at all. Go for your LPN, and the hospitals around here WILL help you with your RN when you decide to get it.

    Im not a single parent anymore.. but I remember how difficult finaces was when I was. Heck.. finances are still difficult when I go to school..LOL

    OH.. on the stethecope.... Littman's are great.. but ya know what.. so are the ones you can buy for 17 bucks... sound just the same... you can get those at any uniform shop.. double bell and all the goodies with it. When you are buying a littman... your buying the name.

    I'd get the 17 dollar one (which I did)... when I graduate... and can afford a littman.. that is when I will buy one. But for practice the 17 dollar one is great...

    The two sided is better for when you do your pediatric rotation... specially with infants...

    Well.. that is my two cents anyway.

    Have a great Day!!!
  9. by   crb613
    Hi, I am currently in school in central Ky. I have not applied to our nursing program....yet.
    I am trying to get to get all other classes out of the way first. I am taking everything I can so I can go for a BS.
    I am really afraid I will not get in. Should I apply to several different programs? I really don't know all the ins and outs of this stuff.
    Any advice would be a big help. My school is very competitive they only accept like 15/20. The cut off this time was in the 90% on the NLN, 3.77 GPA. Thanks to all.
  10. by   NurseRatchet26
    Hi Jerry.
    Please take advice from an LPN with regrets. No offense meant at all to the other LPNS here, but DO THE RN route!!!. It doesnt take that much more time . I wish someone had told me. I wasted money that I could have put toward my RN. I have looked for work and the only places I can find who want LPNs are Long Term Care facilities and that isn't where I want to be, I don't know about you. So now I have to go back to school which I am hating to do.

    I hope you have much luck whatever you decide
  11. by   orrnlori
    Hi, I'm in Lexington, just found this site.

    Do the RN if at all possible. The pay difference is about 10.00/hour and the time in school is only slightly longer.

    crb - which school are you looking at? I went to LCC and now I'm finishing a bachelors of science - general studies from Connecticutt and then will go for a masters in something but probably not nursing. Yes, look at all the programs you can. I looked at UK, EKU, Midway, LCC and KU before I made the choice.

    Don't be afraid of nursing school. I won't lie and say it's easy, it's not, but I was 39 when I went back to school and I finished with a 3.87 GPA. You can do it. Get study buddies, it makes a huge difference.
  12. by   crb613
    Hi we are about the same age. I'm 46 going to school at ECC. I have thought about LCC ( my sister's daughter attends there) WKU or even an LPN program if I don't get into the RN program. I don't want to waste time just get in and get it done!!! I don't take tests well. I know my stuff and then just go blank when it counts, SO FRUSTRATING. thanks for the reply and good luck you sound like you've got it all together.
  13. by   sb22
    Hi! I graduated from Midway with my ADN in 1995. Nursing school is tough but get to know your classmates and study together. I started as a CNA at a nursing home, (because they paid for my training) but the pay was the same as being a cashier at Rite Aid at the time. I recommend that you go to a nursing school that will adequately prepare you for the "real world". My class had a 100% pass rate of the NCLEX! I have worked with nurses that barely had an understanding of anatomy let alone physiology and that scares me.
    You have to make the decisions that are best for you and your family, but remember also that nursing will not be easy and you should be as prepared as you can be for yourself and your patients.
    Good Luck!
  14. by   RNNR
    Hi my first time posting! I've been in the engineering field for about 4 years and finally decided to give it up and do what I really want to do. Actually put in my two weeks notice today!
    I am starting the BSN at Northern Kentucky U this fall, just taking the general classes first. Have not been accepted to actual Nursing school yet. I applied all over Cincinnati to the two year programs and all have waiting lists so I am just going to start at NKU. Hopefully some good A&P grades will give me a better chance next time.
    I am taking the CNA class in two weeks at Great Oaks so I can get experience while I am in school.
    Does anyone else work as a CNA? if so Where? and what do you think about it? Whats the pay? Also any hints on getting accepted into the shcools would help. Feels like i'm playing the lottery when I apply..

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