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    Does anyone know of any state scholarships not based on family income/need. My family makes too much for any grant money. All the ones I have found through my school are either need or race based and I ain't either. I don't wont a lot of student debt but that might be where I am heading with my parents not getting any bonus or raises this year or next.

    I get abut $700 in KEES money a semester but that just covers books.

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    Do you have an aunt or someone else you can live with? If you move from your parents home you would qualify for grants.... just a thought.
    Good Luck!!
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    Nope, you could be totally on your own but if you are not several years older than I am now they will take family income only.
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    Huh? That doesn't seem fair. The laws must have changed. I did it when I was 18. I held a part-time job and went to school part-time and qualified for grants on my own.
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    Everyone I know has looked into it and gets the same thing. File your own taxes, so what. Your family not willing to help, doesn't matter unless you are married with children of your own.

    I am trying for another $700 scholarship which only required a 3.5 gpa or above to apply and mine is 3.8. I doubt I will get it though, they sent out letters so you know a million people applied. Tempted to look through my geneology and find some minority status. I know a girl who did it, she had some Native American in her background and qualified for some stuff that way.
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    Where are you planning on attending? Have you sat down with a financial aid advisor? If you are going into nursing, I have heard that some of the hospitals will do some paybacks if you agree to work for them. I am waiting to hear from Galen regarding my acceptance for classes in July. I do not qualify for any scholarship/grants either. I plan on taking out student loans, it is my only option. But I look at it like an investment in my future. I know it is frustrating, but don't give up!! I wish you the best of luck in your search.
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    I am at UofL right now in their pre-nursing program for traditional bsn. I am sure it will all work out. My parents have decided to pay cash for my summer classes and look at stanford loans for the fall.
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    Have you gone to the NIA center on 29th and Broadway? They have a program called WIA, this will give you $4600.00 per year. I do not believe this is need based but I am not positive. Have you applied to the BON for their scholarships? Have you tried the KNA? I believe they also have scholarships. Dave Ramsey is a financial guru. On his website, he has some information about applying for different scholarships. It is
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    Thanks I will look into all of that. I did go to the BON website but you had to be in actual nursing for anything they offered and was also offered need based.
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    So increased my credit card limit from $500 to $1000 to get my books in one swoop and apparently I need to get some research goals because a scholarships wants me to write about them.

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