Reasons Jefferson Community College is so inexpensieve Reasons Jefferson Community College is so inexpensieve | allnurses

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Reasons Jefferson Community College is so inexpensieve

  1. 0 I am graduating from jcc with my adn. I have BA from UofL in 1991.

    JCC is very affordable and quick way to get and ADN.

    JCC tuition is very inexpensive!

    JCC is a bare bones package to achieve an RN license.

    With student tuition, student receive:
    Upon graduation and min. hesi med/surg score of 850, JCC will submit student name to KBN for persmisson to take NCLEX.

    Student must be prepared to provide their own:
    Instruction on essential nursing critical skills
    preparation for Hesi
    preparation for NCLEX
    preparation/instruction on test taking strategies

    Some instructors provide bonuses:

    Yes, JCC is the best deal in town for the prepared student. The nursing department has a couple of good instructors.

    I hope this helps
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    lol thats probably the first negative comment that I have heard on here about JCC. I am a nursing student at spencerian and have heard plenty of bad things about them but chose the school anyway because I received my associates degree there in medical coding and I wont have to take any prereqs when I enter the rn program. the school is expensive but tuition includes just about everything....uniforms, books, kaplan review, all supplies I need, etc... I'm half way thru my LPN program and so far I dont really have any complaints that would keep me from recommending the school to others. sure there have been some not so pleasant things happen ( one clinical group had an instructor quit on them and told no one) but from what Ive heard that kind of thing happens at all schools. good luck to you!!!