Lexington, KY

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    Hey, what are some great places to work in/around the Lexington area?

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    It's been 7 years since I was there, but there are 3 key hospitals in Lexington. Central Baptist Hospital, University of Ky, and St Joes. I worked at Central Baptist and liked it. The worst hospital at that time was Humana and wasn't really thought well of by nurses-it was changed to Columbia and I don't know what happened at that point. As I said-it's old info.
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    St. Joe's actually bought it and now it's St Joseph East. I'm orginally from Lexington, and have worked at St. Joe's and UK hospital. I prefer UK, but then again, I like working in teaching hospitals. It really depends on what area you interested in working as the different hospitals have different strengths.
    PM with specific questions if you like, I've only been gone from Lexington for a year.
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    There are also numberous LTC facilities in Lexington. I have worked at Pine Meadows and Tambark, both are pretty nice.

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    I have worked at all three big hospitals in Lexington. I currently work at St Joe main- which is by the way the highest paying of the three. I can't really say anything (other than the usual "stuff" you get at any hospital) bad about any of the three.
    St Joe east does have a long term care unit- LTACH I have never worked on the unit, but I have heard good things about it.
    But, it probably doesn't pay as much as some of the other LTC's in the area.
    I can say that as far as nurse:Pt ratios St. Joes is lower than UK's- at least Med surg. ( I did Ped's at CBH- so it I cant really compare it) But of course their were other perks at UK such as having supplies you needed, when you needed them, which isn't always the case at St. Joes.
    Another thing about UK is that at least last time I heard the employees were all up in arms over their insurance- it is outrageous what they are paying for coverage.

    Hope this helps- KYMSRN

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    I'll be working at the VA in Lexington starting at the first of the year. I'm going through an agency. Hope it's a good place to work. Anyone else worked there before?
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    VA is a great place to work, from what I hear. The benifits are exceptional, so try to get on perm if you can, they do have periodic hiring freezes though- Good luck KYMSRN
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    Thanks KYMSRN

    If you know of anyone that has worked there, ask them to write
    me a post so I can know what to expect. That would be great.
    Also, this is the first time I've worked through agency. Has anyone else here gone through an agency?
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    I have chosen nursing as my fourth career and have love it the most. Started out as an LPN, obtained my ADN and now in the process of getting BSN.
    I have been with the VA for 10 years and nothing beats the benefits! I have worked agency to find out for myself how it was in the private sector. Actually, I was quite proud to return to the VA. They say the grass always looks greener and I found out for myself that it was not.
    If anyone can get in on a full-time bases at the VA, I highly recommend it. Good bedside nurses are needed!
    I have enjoyed working in CCU even though it does have its times of "madness"
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    Sounds like it's a great place. I look forward to working there.
    Thanks for your post. What agency did you go through?

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