KY nurses and students STAND UP. What part of KY are you from. - page 7

I am new to this forum and very excited. Just want to know where everyone's from and what they do. Peace and love. :lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2:... Read More

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    I live in Frankfort, work @ Lexington Clinic and for an agency @ different hospitals in Lexington. Been an LPN for 24 years, graduated from Danville School of PN. Originally from south central KY. Working in small town hospitals you get experience in a little of everything. Planning on finishing my RN, have re-applied to BCTC (got accepted to bridge program this past year but had to decline due to health issues) Hope I can get back in!

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    Hi, I'm from Northern KY - Taylor Mill area. I currently attend GCTC and have 1 year left to earn my ADN. I plan to continue either to MSJ or NKU for my BSN.
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    What does MSJ stand for?
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    The College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati
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    Hey what's up? I am getting ready to start my third semester at JCC for LPN I live in louisville and just looking for people that know how hard nursing school is.
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    Okay so how about some company for those long walks on the beach? And dinner to? WOW!!!!!!
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    Hi all!! Im originally from Manchester, living in Richmond!! Currently in my 3rd semester at EKU in the ADN program!! Over half-way there and starting to see a light at the end of the longggg tunnel!
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    Hi Kentucky, I'm from western Ky just out side of the Paducah area. I love it here. Originally from Lansing Michigan. Been in Ky for over 24 years. Went to lpn school in Murray and rn school in Paducah. Great Schools. To all the nursing students here I say be strong you will survive. To all the nurses here I say thanks for sharing a profession that I love.
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    Quote from Ocelot

    New to the site!! I'm from the western part KY starting nursing in spring '09 at WKCTCS!!
    I also go to WKCTCS! Hoping to get in for fall of 2009. I would love to chat with you about what i should expect!
    I'm so nervous!!!
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    Went to WKCTCS, graduated in Dec 2007 working in Murray as RN in nursing home. LOVE IT!

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