KY nurses and students STAND UP. What part of KY are you from. KY nurses and students STAND UP. What part of KY are you from. - pg.5 | allnurses

KY nurses and students STAND UP. What part of KY are you from. - page 5

I am new to this forum and very excited. Just want to know where everyone's from and what they do. Peace and love. :lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2:... Read More

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    May I play??

    Born in Paintsville....raised in Wayland...have lived in NC for, oh, 40+ years.

    Still love those mountains!!!
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    A native Kentuckian here...orginally from Georgetown. Graduated from KSU in 2006 and moved to Florida thanks to the Air Force (husband) and graduated with my BSN from the University of West Florida in May 2008. I work oncology and love it! Hoping to start my master's soon at the University of South Alabama and longing to be back in the bluegrass!!!:heartbeat
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    I'm from Northern KY, but I'm in Lexington. I graduated UK this past May with a bachelors in Psychology but I'm back at UK to get my Second Degree BSN which should be done in Spring 2011 WOO HOO!
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    Hey, graceofone! Another KSU grad here! I graduated in 2003; have yet to get my BSN though...
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    hello everybody i have been an lpn since 06, graduated from kctcs and i will be returning in jan 09 to complete my rn. i currently live in lexington and was working at cbh 4n until i came to the va. hope to get into er medicine and become a s.a.n.e nurse as soon as i graduate. wish you all well.
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    I'm from Florence, KY. I'm new to the site.
    I'm looking for any advice or opinions on schools in the NKY/cincinnati area that have a good RN program (2year).

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    I think I posted before awhile back, but here it is again :spin:

    I'm from Radcliff, KY right outside Ft. Knox. Went to Galen for both my LPN and my RN. Just graduated in May, took and passed boards Oct 29th. I've been accepted into UK's RN-BSN program, just don't know if I'll actually be able to go

    That's me in a nutshell. Oh, I went to KSU right after I got my LPN. Unfortunately they didn't have the LPN-RN program yet.
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    I'm living in London, grew up in Louisville. I will be starting the first semester of EKU's ADN program in eight weeks.
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    I live in Frankfort, work @ Lexington Clinic and for an agency @ different hospitals in Lexington. Been an LPN for 24 years, graduated from Danville School of PN. Originally from south central KY. Working in small town hospitals you get experience in a little of everything. Planning on finishing my RN, have re-applied to BCTC (got accepted to bridge program this past year but had to decline due to health issues) Hope I can get back in!
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    Hi, I'm from Northern KY - Taylor Mill area. I currently attend GCTC and have 1 year left to earn my ADN. I plan to continue either to MSJ or NKU for my BSN.
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    What does MSJ stand for?
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    The College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati
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    Hey what's up? I am getting ready to start my third semester at JCC for LPN I live in louisville and just looking for people that know how hard nursing school is.