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How do I become a CMT in Kentucky?

  1. 0 I have been googling everywhere trying to find out what are the requirements to becoming a CMT and where I could take classes to become one. I am a CNA. I need to find classes in Louisville, Kentucky. Does anyone happen to know? Or would be so kind enough to help me search? Thank you.
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    You might want to try the Kentucky Nurses forum. As for myself, I honestly don't know. =( Aren't CMT's typically used in nursing homes, for passing out medications? You might try calling the nursing homes in your area and asking if they offer classes.
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    Thread moved to KY Nurses forum to encourage more responses.

    RealNurseWitch is correct that CMTs are used in nursing homes in KY, as well as MD offices. I think we call them QMAs here, don't we?

    Try looking at Brown-Mackie College, and National College. I believe they have MA programs.
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    nope...kma's...I am one and I can't find a job. No one is hiring them :-( They want to hire you as a CNA.
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    Jefferson Community and Techinal College, thats where you go to take the KMA test for the commonwealth of KY, CMT,MT,QMA,KMA all the same thing, Certified in the administration of medications and treatments :-) good luck

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