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  1. thatindiangurl

    HELPFUL tips on Delegation/priority questions

    I am doing the RN school right now. Our first test is over this stuff. I am having such a hard time with it. :-( I don't know what to do. It just don't really seem too black or white to me. I hope I get the hang of it soon. Great tips ;-)
  2. thatindiangurl


    Hey, I have not taken the test yet but I have learned that you must break in between your study sessions so you will not get burnt out. Good luck to you. Don't cry, It will be just fine :-)
  3. thatindiangurl

    Immunology/Allergy Nursing

    I am really getting into the allergy and immunology part of nursing. I am starting to think I want to go into this kind of feild. I don't really know if there is any thing that can be done with it so please get on here and give me some ideas. Thanks :-)
  4. thatindiangurl

    How do I become a CMT in Kentucky?

    nope...kma's...I am one and I can't find a job. No one is hiring them :-( They want to hire you as a CNA.
  5. I worked as a CNA in the Middlesboro area. Thats not too far from where you are talking about. They started me out at 8something. I was working in a nursing home not in a hospitol. I know they pay a lot more up there where you are talking about :-)
  6. thatindiangurl

    eku nursing

    That is where my nursing teachers are still going. That is where I am wanting to go for my BSN. I heard it's wonderful.
  7. thatindiangurl


    Hey! This one is funny It's for anticholinergics and the major side effects of them :-) Can't pee Can't see Can't spit Can't Sh!t (Since they are given for the desirable affects of decreasing salivation, lacrimation, urination, diarrhea, and GI motility :-) Blurred vision and dilated pupils are also side effects )
  8. thatindiangurl

    short cut to remember!nclex study tip...

    I need a cool new way to remember all of the commuicable diseases and their symptoms...please help :-)
  9. thatindiangurl

    Pharmacology Mnemonics

    http://medicalmnemonics.com/ Some pretty cool stuff on here :-)
  10. Okay, I have tried reading and reading the immunization schedual over and over and I can't seem to remember them long enough. I rememberd them for the test that we took now it's time for finals. I want to remember them for good. How did you remember them? Do you have any good ideas? :typing
  11. thatindiangurl

    Blood flow thru the heart link help pls.

    http://www.innerbody.com/anim/heart.html I use this one. It's nice and simple. Just thought I would post it incase anyone else needs it :-)
  12. thatindiangurl

    hypotonic and hypertonic fluids

    I got it forever and ever amen! Thank you so much for your replies :-) I will never forget this stuff now ha ha ha
  13. thatindiangurl

    hypotonic and hypertonic fluids

    I pretty much understand what hypotonic and hypertonic mean. I have got that from other threads but I am have a horrible time trying to remember all the types of solutions and what they are used for :-(
  14. thatindiangurl

    Help Hypotonic, Isotonic, & Hypertonic Solutions

    OMG CarVsTree I love you 🙂
  15. thatindiangurl

    hypotonic and hypertonic fluids

    I am having a hard time remembering the tonicity of intravenous fluids. How do you remember them all? I am just trying to read them over and over agian untill I finally remember them but it don't seem to be working. Any advice? It all seems like a bunch of crazy jibberish.
  16. thatindiangurl

    My First Nursing Final

    :DI am taking my first nursing final Tuesday. I am worried about it. I have never really had to study like this before and I don't know how to go about going over all this information. What do you think?