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    is there any of you out there?

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    Just graduated from the ADN program on December 19, 2009!!!
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    congrats! i don't think there is anyone else from eku on this site!
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    Hey, I'm in my second semester at EKU and I'm planning on getting my BSN. I don't enter into my clinicals until next year but I'm already excited. Are you in the clinicals yet, how are they?
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    EKU BSN nursing student here! Currently in my junior year, doing clinicals at St. Joe East. I know how it was when I was trying to get info, so if any of the EKU nurses have questions about the BSN program I will be happy to answer them!
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    Hey, any advice you could give about the clinicals for the BSN program would be really helpful to me. I won't start clinicals until next year but I'm very excited about it all. What are clinicals like, what do you do, how many days a week do you do them, how long do you spend doing them each day, what jobs are you actually doing? I have a ton of questions so anything information would be really helpful, thanks
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    hey! im in my first semester of the ADN program and will have my first clinical on wednesday! im so nervous! i will let you know what all i did on my first day (adn and bsn can't be too much differnet, right?) but right now my clincals are only 1 day a week and we have 1 patient to care for..then next semester they will be 2 days a week with 2 patients. i know bsn is a little different in that aspect. i will tell you that nursing in general is difficult..expect a lot of studying! but in the end it will be worth it!

    also, for bsn..just from what i have heard, make sure you have a good gpa going in..there are a lot who apply and it is competitive!
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    I definetly understand being excited about going into your clinicals, mine are still a year away and I'm already anxious. Thanks for the information, It's really helpful. If anyone else can answer any more questions about BSN clinicals that would be greatly appreciate. Thanks
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    Anybody doing the accelerated second degree program? How is it? Tough to get into?
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    I am applying to EKU as a backup for my first choice, BCTC. I already have a BS in animal science and all of pre-reqs done. Can you apply to both the accelerated BSN and ADN program? The BCTC ADN program is my first choice since I live here in Lexington and work at the VA across from BCTC.

    How do the programs compare?

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