Can someone please respond to my post?-Louisville, KY Can someone please respond to my post?-Louisville, KY | allnurses

Can someone please respond to my post?-Louisville, KY

  1. 0 Ok, I have not had much like with responses on this site, but I am going to try again.

    I am a current nursing student and I am wondering if anyone has had problems with getting jobs here in Louisville? Where are the best places to apply for a new Graduate? I would like to specialize in Pediatric Oncology and I am not sure where I could start out that is willing to hire a new graduate, or if anyone knows of something I could do during school to gain experience that would be helpful as well.

    Thanks! Hope to hear from someone!
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    I do not live in your area but the advice is the same for everywhere. Research hospitals near you. Find out if any of them have a Pediatric oncology floor. Call and find out if they are hiring any PCT's, if not see if you can volunteer.

    You may be living in a area that is not having problems, if so then you are very lucky. If it's like the majority of America, then most hospitals are not hiring new grads and you will have to make your own opportunities.
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    Try Norton's Hospital. I worked there about 6 months ago and there were alot of new grads in my orientation.
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    Thank you for the response! :heartbeat
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    I can only speak for myself but I graduated in May and was offered a job at a Louisville hospital (not Norton facility) Day shift as soon as I was done with classes. Most of my friends also got jobs and many were on day shift. I looked for a graduate nurse position. Also there are hospitals in Southern Indiana that I know are hiring. Good luck.
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    Norton Kosair will probably be your best bet for peds onc.
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    I have seen you on this forum so many times, and you always have a wealth of knowledge.
    I have contacted both U of L Hospital, and Kosair and they both are willing to let me volunteer, so I am going through that process now.
    I meet with both of them this week, so once I talk to them I will probably get more information on this, but I wanted your opinion.
    I am looking to volunteer at the hospial that is going to give me the most patient care experience. I have searched through the forum under "volunteer" and it appears that the most patient care experince that Kosair is going to give me is activities for the children (which I don't mind) but that U of L is going to really let me "get my hands dirty."
    BUT, I am hoping that maybe the volunteer experience may eventually lead to a job, and I think Kosair is where I would eventually like to be.
    BUT, I read the post from the RN at Norton's who said they are having a lot of issues because of the Anthem/Norton contract, and who knows how long that is going to take to straighten up.
    I am just so back and forth between these two hospitals. Granted, if I don't like one I could always go to another, but I am trying to get this right the first time around.
    I think U of L because I will probably get the best experience as far as seeing everything, but then I think Kosair because it may lead to a potential job (which U of L could too...but not sure if I want to work there).
    So confused, any insight would be SO appreciated!!!
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    Sorry it took so long to respond, Wishing.
    If your heart is with peds, I'd stick with Kosair. I doubt the Norton/Anthem problem will last forever.

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