Bellarmine vs EKU Accelerated BSN

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    I would like to hear from Bellarmine and EKU Acclerated BSN graduates. I have been accepted to both programs, and I attended Bellarmine's orientation a couple of weeks ago. I was very impressed with the staff that I met. I have no feel for the EKU program and was wondering if anyone out there would comment on their experiences, the willingness of the staff to help, and preparedness coming out of the programs. I have less than a week to make up my mind- EKU is definitely cheaper and a much shorter commute for me as I live in Lexington. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   natron20
    I spent some time in the accelerated BSN program at EKU. Let me say run as fast as you can to Bellarmine. Outside of one or two faculty they as a group are horrible. I transferred to a different program because it sucked so bad. Several of my friends graduated in December and they still say it was one of the worst experiences of their lives. They hated it that much.

    Just my but I wouldn't suggest the program to anyone.
  4. by   GoingBrokeForRN
    Do not go to EKU! fast as you can.

    In a nutshell: The teaching (or lack of teaching) is horrible, you are expected to learn off pages of slides. When you ask questions you are made to feel like a fool. There is no support whatsoever, you are a number, they only want students to make it so they can keep up their high NCLEX pass scores to claim they have a great nursing program.
  5. by   libnat
    how much debt you willing to take on? bellerimine is the most pricey school i looked at. their program is known to be really good with a high nclex pass rate though.
  6. by   organichombre
    Late entry but I hope you came to Bellarmine! I work there!
  7. by   cgriffin12
    late entry here but I graduated from eastern and went through the accelerated bsn program. Let me just say that it is pretty intense time requirement, especially the summer session. I like the others did not care for most of the teachers, especially if you are a male. There are more than a couple that are man haters and will make it hard on you. HOWEVER, you will not get a better nursing education than you will at EKU BSN. The depth that they teach the material is far beyond what my coworkers from others schools were taught. The exams are tough and the NCLEX is a piece of cake after you complete the program. The normal exams are more difficult than the NCLEX. Not saying that others aren't good, but even though I hated many of the teachers as people , no school prepares you better for the NCLEX and to be an RN.
  8. by   shann106
    I am at EKU and I love it. EKU is a highly respected nursing school. I chose EKU because of the cost, and have not regreted it. The staff will not hold your hand through the process but they are not as horrible as others have said.
    You will get a great education at a great price
  9. by   Charlihoo
    I'd like to thank everyone for their replies. In the end, I chose EKU, and the only reason for this choice was a financial one. I would like to say that everything about Bellarmine impressed me. I've spoken to many of their graduates who praised their education at Bellarmine both for its preparation of them for their careers and for the support of its staff.
    Because I'm in an accelerated program, I fully expect intensity and I have scrimped and saved for the last several years so I won't have to work and will be able to focus solely on school. So for those of you considering the same choice, I'll repost on my experiences. I start in August. I don't intend to stop at the BSN level so who knows? I might end up at Bellarmine anyhow for my MSN or PhD.
  10. by   iteachob
    Bellarmine graduate (MSN) here.....wonderful school. Yes, expensive, but the faculty is wonderful and very supportive. I highly recommend it! I commuted to their weekend MSN program from far eastern KY (almost WV, that far) and never regretted it.
  11. by   BBFRN
    Quote from Charlihoo
    I don't intend to stop at the BSN level so who knows? I might end up at Bellarmine anyhow for my MSN or PhD.
    Hi Charliehoo- Bellarmine doesn't have a PhD program. You'd have to go to U of L or U of K for that. If you want to do a DNP however, Bellarmine does have a plan in the works to get a program for that. I'm not sure they have a PhD program planned, as they are not a research institution.

    Good luck to you! Bellarmine is a great school.

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