Anyone in the fall 09 RN at BCTC?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just thought I'd see if there is anyone else on the board who will be starting the RN program this fall? I'm looking forward to it.

    Do you know if we have to just complete the CNA course, or do we have to actually pass the state test and be on the registry? I was sure at the pre-conference they said you have to be on the registry, but today my advisor said there has been considerable debate about it and told me I am fine with just having taken the course. My last advisor was wrong once, so I'm not sure I should take the word of this one either!

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    How did you find out you were accepted? I still haven't received word yet.
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    It was posted to MyBin on March 31st, and I received the acceptance package in the mail on Friday. I did qualify for rolling admission though, so maybe those go out first.

    I hope you get in!
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    I was accepted to BCTCS ADN program for the Fall 2009, but I applied to Cooper and they placed me in Lawrenceburg for some reason. I have emailed the Coordinator to ask how they placed people. I really don't want to go to an evening program, I don't work and I don't have children. But, I am ecstatic I got accepted into a nursing program! I was rolling admissions also. Congratulations!
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    I signed up as well. Hope I get accepted to Cooper DR
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    I'm in the Fall program at Cooper! Can't wait to start! Have you signed up for your NR115 section yet?
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    I'm in. Glad this thread is here. I haven't signed up for the NR115 class yet but I have called more than once to make an appointment and can't get a reply. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has registered? I have already turned in all my documents (background checks, etc.. ) to the admissions office, just really want to get registered.
    Congrats to all who are in!
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    Congratulations! I just graduated from the Lawrenceburg program in May. For those of you who are lucky enough to be one of the 30 at the Lawrenceburg program, you will love it! We are the first class to graduate from their and our instructors were absolutely amazing.

    Let me tell you that being part of a small group has alot of advantages. You will know your fellow classmates. They will become your second family. Enjoy it. The two years passed very quickly.

    I don't know anything about the Cooper program so please don't take this as a put down to that campus. We did Kaplan review with that campus for two weeks in april and they were a great group of students. I just don't have any experience with the staff there.

    If you have any questions about the program, I'll do my best to answer them!
    Congrats again!
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    Quote from GoingBrokeForRN
    It was posted to MyBin on March 31st, and I received the acceptance package in the mail on Friday. I did qualify for rolling admission though, so maybe those go out first.

    I hope you get in!

    What is the rolling admission criteria for BCTC?
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    I was told that the BCTCS nursing program is not accedited. Has that changed? The accerediation committee held a Q&A session at EKU 2 yrs ago and they told us that BCTCS was not accredited, that the school itself was, but not the nursing program. I was under the impression that they were in trouble for telling students that they were accredited when they are not. The reason they told us that they did not have their accrediation was because they did not have enough students pass the NCLEX.
    Has this changed over the last 2 years? I want to make sure I tell people the right thing. A couple of coworkers have thought about applying but I have talked them out of it because of this, if it has changed I need to tell them.

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