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RN_2012 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. RN_2012

    Family denies that patient is in pain

    I would see if the doctor would schedule her medications. Maybe her daughter would allow meds given regular if the doctor ordered them that way.
  2. RN_2012

    Inappropriate nurses?

    If I was the manager that received the email, you would be called into the office and we would have had the talk about team playing...WOW.
  3. RN_2012

    Seriously?? Small rant.

    No one is getting their RN or LPN completely on line.
  4. RN_2012

    I didn't get into Nursing School!! Help!!

    My school in Kentucky had over 1200 applications for 120 spots and low GPA isn't going to cut it.
  5. RN_2012

    I didn't get into Nursing School!! Help!!

    Entry to nursing school is not easy. It is highly competitive. Everyone in my class of 2012 had 4.0 GPA when accepted and it was a community college.
  6. RN_2012

    The sloppy image of nurses today

    Are you for real??
  7. RN_2012

    Ethics: Brain bleed sign out AMA

    He didn't want to be treated further because he is 87 years old most likely. Quality of life and all that.
  8. RN_2012

    Aging Nurses - Where do we go?

    Well, 50 is not old. I am 52 and have been an RN for 3 years. I work fine right along with the twenty something new grads..
  9. RN_2012

    Sexual Comment from Boss???

    I read it has him saying "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.".
  10. RN_2012

    I'm a sexless nurse

    I hate poop....can I refuse to clean a patient up? Seriously..you can't just refuse to do your job. If the patient declines you to do it, that is different, but to straight out say, I don't do that....tells me you have issues.
  11. RN_2012

    I'm a sexless nurse

    I think you are protesting too much.
  12. RN_2012

    Nurse questioning pain med

    I had a nurse question my giving a pain med for a patients back pain. The patient was admitted for an skin infection and had a I&D. The other nurse felt that the pain medication should only be given for the pain related to the procedure.
  13. RN_2012

    Most annoying reason for admission?

    Sure there are some that irk me, but they are what keep me working...small rural hospitals can't be too picky and keep census.
  14. RN_2012

    Any hospital units that DON'T use telemetry?

    Telemetry is used on the OB unit at my small hospital if it is indicated and I would think in oncology as well if we had that type of unit.
  15. RN_2012

    Increase in Autism Diagnosis

    I have a child on the autism spectrum with an IQ of 70, so on the cusp. If he had an average IQ he wuld be considered Aspergers, but he doesn't so he is PPD-NOS. I believe more children are diagnoses due to more information. My son wasn't diagnosed till 3rd grade after finally taking him to the Dan Marino center in Florida where we lived. It was at my insistence that he had more going on than ADHD, OCD, ODD, Anxiety disorder, speach/language delays. I did research on the internet that led me to getting him the proper evaluation. Support groups online has allowed parents to pick up on these issues more than in the past, educated parents seek proper diagnosis and are not put off to "oh this is just immaturity". I personally do not know anyone with an MR being given an autism diagnosis, two different things. People just don't say MR anymore anyway, I say LOW IQ or intellectual disability. I don't think any of it has anything to do with social status.
  16. RN_2012

    Anti-vax nurses? Are you serious?

    Seriously. My son with Autism doesn't need to recover, it isn't a death sentence. Measles can be a death sentence. You would rather a child risk death than risk autism, WHICH THEY WON'T AS THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.

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