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Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd see if there is anyone else on the board who will be starting the RN program this fall? I'm looking forward to it. Do you know if we have to just complete the CNA course, or do we have to... Read More

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    Quote from shann106
    I was told that the BCTCS nursing program is not accedited. Has that changed? The accerediation committee held a Q&A session at EKU 2 yrs ago and they told us that BCTCS was not accredited, that the school itself was, but not the nursing program. I was under the impression that they were in trouble for telling students that they were accredited when they are not. The reason they told us that they did not have their accrediation was because they did not have enough students pass the NCLEX.
    Has this changed over the last 2 years? I want to make sure I tell people the right thing. A couple of coworkers have thought about applying but I have talked them out of it because of this, if it has changed I need to tell them.

    No, the nursing program is accredited. They have a very good pass rate for the NCLEX also, it's like 99%.

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    I was late in signing up for RN classes this year but I will be able to go next year at BCTC.

    I am taking pre-req's this year! I'm excited. Anyone else going to Cooper DR?

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