Any WKU Students on here?

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    Just hoping everyone there is safe. Please update us on what's going on with the shooting if you know anything.
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    Both of my kids go to WKU. They were on campus when everything happened. Apparently there was so some kind of altercation between possible gangs and things escalated. Bottom line, no gun, and no gunmen. Everyone is safe. Thanks for asking.
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    I'm glad to hear it was a false alarm.
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    1 person had minor injuries, but no GSWs, thank goodness.
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    Actually, and not trying to scare anyone, but I thought I had heard that there was actually a gun... someone fired it up in the air?
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    According To The Police And Fbi, There Was No Gun, Only A Rumor Of A Gun, Given By A Female Resident. Supposedly, She Thought That If She Said There Was A Gun, The Police Would React Faster.
    Anyway, That According To The News And My Children.
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