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hi, it's my first time to post anything in this site, i usually just lurk and read posts hehehe i'm sori if i've posted in the wrong forum.. but anyways here's my question.. I'm a BSN student... Read More

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    It happens on all the forums I've ever used no matter what the topic is. Many people are just too lazy to read FAQs or to search existing threads for answers to their questions.
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    Guys you have the patience of a saint . I could not really stand being asked again and again of the same question. Kudos to the staff and moderator/s. I hope these people who posted their queries appreciate the effort. It is not a piece of cake trying to be as helpful to anyone as much as possible without appearing to be condescending or irritated.
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    hello, i am a newly graduate of bsn. i would just like to ask whether canada requires nurses to have a work experience to work ther?
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    Quote from samiesam
    hello, i am a newly graduate of bsn. i would just like to ask whether canada requires nurses to have a work experience to work ther?
    Depends on the route you are looking at. If PR then yes you have to have 12 months or more work experience. TWP well that will depend on employer
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    Hello everyone,
    I am RN, US graduate and working in pediatric field. I am not the US citizen, I have the work visa. My question is: is it possible for me to apply for job in Canada while I am legally reside in US.
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    You will have to meet provincial requirements and obtain a work permit or PR of your own for Canada. That will take time
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    Hi guys. Hope anyone could bear on my situation. I'm Canadian PR Visa holder, I graduated with a BSN degree last April 2011 here in the Phil. but I failed the NLE twice. Since according to the CLPNBC, registration in the country of origin is not required then I wanted to try the LPN route given a chance.

    I actually wanted to be an RN that's why I stayed here longer with my toddler (my husband is in BC for a year now). But I think two NLE takes is enough and I wanted to be reunited with my husband now.

    Just wanted to know if anyone goes through with the same process and been able to sit for the LPN exam in BC. Thanks for reading.
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    Employment and role verification (sent by the CLPNBC to relevant employers).

    Can someone expound on this, its one of the requirements listed? TY again.

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