Philippines, Canada. Career conflict: Pursuing education. Help, please?

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    Before my asking questions, what is it like to be in my shoes?

    I was one year and a half into finishing my nursing degree in the Philippines when we were called to come to Canada. I'm a permanent resident here so that means I have to be here 2years out of a 5year time span for it to take effect.

    Since the curriculum there and here is different, all my hard work means kind of nothing and I have to basically start all over again. If i were to go to school here. BUT there's a catch. I would study to be a LPN for 18 months, work for 900 hours and then study for another year to be an RN. And this is with school with nice reputation, meaning there's a looong waitlist. Months long.

    Now in the Philippines, my school also had a nice reputation regarding nursing education.

    ALAS. My question: What would you do if you were me? Study here in Canada or go back to the Philippines and come back when you're done?

    But when you finish outside of Canada, there are a lot to face when you come back.
    Also, do you REALLY need to have additional studies to be able to work here? Ie refreshers, etc. besides taking the exams?

    And, oh, I'm in BC.

    Awesome people please help meee >.<
    It's a matter of time and finances.
    Please and Thankyou!

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    stay in canada..
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    You want to work here, study here.

    Your education from the Phillipines will always be looked at and you will be regarded as an IEN.

    BC has a dismal job market, especially in the lower mainland. This might be the ideal time to reconsider your career choices and look at what might find you work in Canada.
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    You really should study in the country that you plan working in.
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    Thanks for getting back! I appreciate it.
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    I would stay and study in Canada.
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    My question is Canada your new home? if so why would you even think of leaving it? Now that you are in Canada have you explored Canadian career choices? As far as finances some one in your family must have attested that you have the financial means to live in Canada. In the mean time find a job, save money, and apply to the Canadian school of choice and have a great life as a Canadian.
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    Yep, Canada is my new home. But i was just thinking about it as a whole- which would be more practical in terms of time and finances. I'm not saying we have financial problems, just which is more practical, btw. Because the Community college I wanted to go to school in (i opted this school because they could credit some of my education and not require me to get high school subjects, as this is time consuming and it's the one of the best nursing education here, according to a lot of people) might have me studying there in january 2014 at the very most because of the waitlist. And this is just the start of a 1.5 yr LPN program.
    I was thinking, what if I go back to the Phils and graduate by 2015, get the board and some experience and come back to Canada?
    What do you think?
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    Well, from what we've heard, you'd be working there as a volunteer. Unpaid work experience isn't recognized here.

    If you plan on working, living and making a life here, get your education here. The contacts you make as a student will serve you far better in your Canadian job search than contacts "back home"
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