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renzlao has 16 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in MS, Emergency.

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  1. renzlao

    Anyone graduated USC FNP program?

    I think the minimum is 2 courses per semester. There is a semester of 3 courses for part time but only one I think. I’m not sure about the acceptance rate. But I do know people failed in the class and some were delayed and was unable to proceed. 2 of my classmate dropped out. However, the profs are supportive. I honestly just don’t know if I wanted to pay close to 100k again haha I graduated in May and I had 5 interviews and 3 job offers in LA as a new grad. I don’t know if it was because of the school or I have 15 years of RN experience.
  2. renzlao


    So I just received an email from WA that they will close my file if I don’t give them fingerprints. I will end up flying tomorrow in short notice. I asked for an extension but they didn’t reply and they wanted it done in 30 days. However, I start my new job next week so hello Seattle haha I’m coming for just a live scan haha
  3. renzlao

    Post masters DNP CA

    I am currently an FNP (new grad) and I am planning of continuing to a DNP Program Post Masters. I am looking for programs out of state and within CA that are reputable but will not cost me an arm and leg. I already spent $$$ for my MSN and I don't really want to do that again. I am looking at UT Arlington and the University of Nevada - Reno (both is less than 20k I think). If anyone has any suggestions or currently attending any of these programs, please let me know. How do you like it? Is it doable? My project is just a continuation of what I did in my MSN. We had 2 translational research class and I am just hoping of refining my project, redo a better appraisal and implementing it in a site. Thanks everyone and stay safe!
  4. renzlao

    Anyone graduated USC FNP program?

    Yeah it's like enrolling in a regular class. You pick the day (usually T, W, Thurs ) and time of your choice (between 10 to 7pm PST). But instead of going to school you log in online and attend a zoom class of only a maximum of 12 students. Most students pick classes after 6 pm and late classes tend to get full and closed in minutes of web registration. I find it better actually. With only 12 students per class, the instructor can devote more attention to each student. I had to come in class prepared too (which one should be, because they call out everyone and I couldn't hide haha
  5. renzlao

    CRNA to ACNP or FNP repost

    I’m graduating with an FNP this semester and there is nothing in the FNP training that’ll make me work in the ICU. My director who is a lawyer don’t even sign credentialing papers for FNPs working in the hospital. I think you need acute care.
  6. renzlao

    NP clinical experience disrupted by COVID-19?

    I’m in LA. Clinicals cancelled. I’m in my last semester too but our program requires close to 800 hours before we can graduate so we are fine for the boards. I’m currently at 750 hours. I think we are also doing virtual for the remaining 50 hours or so.
  7. renzlao

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    I got a text for WA, ER, 3,688$ for 3 days. Total med. 48 hours is 4,983$.
  8. renzlao

    California NP License processing time

    So if we graduate in May do you suggest we start applying for the license now?
  9. renzlao


    I’m finishing with USC in May. I suggest state school with less student loans.
  10. renzlao

    FNP school-Georgetown vs USC

    I’m currently at USC. Which one is cheaper? Or are you able to enroll in a school that is state funded? I don’t know if 100k student loans is worth it. I managed to pay-as-I-go and incurred only 20k of student loans. USC includes 2 Courses of social work. The first one is BS and full of fluff theories about human behavior. At least with the second course, I managed to enroll a social work class about “assessment and diagnosis of mental health disorders”. the entire course is about using the DSM 5. It’s a rigorous program and I love it except the cost haha Professors are helpful and knowledgeable. School assigns your own advisor which are very responsive. USC found all my placements. Both program share the same platform -2U.
  11. renzlao

    Can an RN make $200K a year working 24 hours a week?

    A family of four earning below 117,000 a year is considered below poverty line in SF. When I was there. I paid $1,500 to rent a room. 😢
  12. renzlao

    Can an RN make $200K a year working 24 hours a week?

    I agree. 24 hours not possible. But working more with lots of OT they do. Majority of them actually don’t even live in SF. One lives in NY. One lives in San Diego. They traveled back and forth. The one that earned more than 200k worked for 17 days straight! 😢
  13. renzlao

    Can an RN make $200K a year working 24 hours a week?

    I was in SF working as a travel nurse. I got offers closed to $100 per hour per diem. No benefits. I knew staff nurses who made $200,000 but they took so many overtime. More than 8 hours - time and half. More than 12 is double time.
  14. renzlao

    RN Experience for FNP

    I think ED. You see majority of primary care stuff - sick visit in the ED. I still work per diem in the ER. I actually supplement my clinical with my ER experience. I carry a notebook with me at work and start doing my HPI and PE with select patients I want to learn. Then I observe how the provider do their HPI and PE and ask them about their clinical decision , why they think this dx over the other.
  15. renzlao

    Anyone graduated USC FNP program?

    Over 90k. https://nursing.usc.edu/fnp/tuition-financial-aid/
  16. renzlao

    Best FNP clinical quick reference??

    There is another one that is really helpful for OutPatient medicine from UCSF. It is an app on the iPhone or android and searchable “complaints” rather than diseases. It Includes evaluation and treatment including meds, how long they should be on it, and issues for referral. The differential dx is also very concise giving you options of why you should think of this over the other. They also have a very good Hospitalist handbook. I’m still a student though.