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renzlao has 17 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in MS, Emergency.

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  1. Anyone graduated USC FNP program?

    I think the minimum is 2 courses per semester. There is a semester of 3 courses for part time but only one I think. I’m not sure about the acceptance rate. But I do know people failed in the class and some were delayed and was unable to proceed. 2 o...
  2. anyone took AANP without official transcript?

    They will give your result after your exam but no official results will be submitted to your board of nursing without the official transcript with conferral date.
  3. CA

    So I just received an email from WA that they will close my file if I don’t give them fingerprints. I will end up flying tomorrow in short notice. I asked for an extension but they didn’t reply and they wanted it done in 30 days. However, I start my...
  4. Post masters DNP CA

    I am currently an FNP (new grad) and I am planning of continuing to a DNP Program Post Masters. I am looking for programs out of state and within CA that are reputable but will not cost me an arm and leg. I already spent $$$ for my MSN and I don't re...
  5. CA

    I just did this. I applied online. I already have a WA state RN license a long time ago and I just applied for the APRN. You will need to apply for both RN and APRN license. they wanted transcript, verification of NP education, NP certifications and...
  6. Anyone graduated USC FNP program?

    Yeah it's like enrolling in a regular class. You pick the day (usually T, W, Thurs ) and time of your choice (between 10 to 7pm PST). But instead of going to school you log in online and attend a zoom class of only a maximum of 12 students. Most stud...
  7. E-books?

    I did. I used pdf versions and read / annotate via my iPad through an app called GoodNotes.
  8. AANP Exam

    I’m preparing for the exam and Leik says yes.
  9. NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    I work as a travel nurse every weekend while in school for 3 years and paid as I go. It was hard but I’m glad I didn’t take large loans. It was 1,900 per credit. It’s insane. ???
  10. No Jobs For New Grads Despite RN Time?!

    It’s dependent on location. I just graduated and applied everywhere in LA area. Crickets. But the Stanislaus county, CA is looking. They found me through LinkedIn without even applying. Unfortunately I can’t move because of My husband so I’m going to...
  11. CRNA to ACNP or FNP repost

    I’m graduating with an FNP this semester and there is nothing in the FNP training that’ll make me work in the ICU. My director who is a lawyer don’t even sign credentialing papers for FNPs working in the hospital. I think you need acute care.
  12. No Jobs For New Grads Despite RN Time?!

    I’m sorry ? I feel the same way. I’m graduating in May and I’ve been looking at postings in my area. I spoke to one recruiter who told me one job posting currently have 80 applications! I hope it’s going to get better for you and that you’ll find so...
  13. Please help with a literature review

    What is your PICOT question?
  14. NP clinical experience disrupted by COVID-19?

    I’m in LA. Clinicals cancelled. I’m in my last semester too but our program requires close to 800 hours before we can graduate so we are fine for the boards. I’m currently at 750 hours. I think we are also doing virtual for the remaining 50 hours or ...
  15. Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    I got a text for WA, ER, 3,688$ for 3 days. Total med. 48 hours is 4,983$.