How do I get on the path of working as an RN in a different country. I was born in US

  1. OK guys, I am an male RN I have 1.5 years tele, medsurg, and ER experience how do I work abroad but still make enough to pay student loans of $400 usd/month, thanks. Links would be helpfull.
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    I've wondered about this for awhile. If you currently have a license in the states, what steps are necessary to obtain or transfer your license to another country? Are the steps universal or does it depend on which country you are transferring to?
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    My thoughts would be to check with an agency that does international assignments. See what they pay and then see if itll be enough to balance that checkbook.
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    you can check with the international boards here for more info..
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    Not just meeting the country's requirements to be a RN but you also need to think about immigration requirements and obtaining permission to live and work in that country.

    Each country will have their own requirements so a lot will depend on where you want to work
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    Please provide information with links and how to get started, I have heard about USA RN's working in Australia, London, ect. please help, thanks.
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    Check out the international forum. It's nearly impossible to work abroad in the UK right now unless you have a EU passport or are the spouse of someone with an EU passport, due to the economy. The NHS is cutting jobs across the board and hiring preference goes to UK, then EU, then everyone else, and there isn't anything out there right now...
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    There are plenty of resources here but a lot will depend on what country you wish to move to. Each country will have their own requirements plus you have to think about the immigration requirements
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    Please take the time to read the forum and also you need to decide which country because as I mentioned before each country will have their own requirements both for nurse registration and immigration
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    Can you be a little more helpfull than that?
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    There are plenty of threads on this topic on this site. Do search and you should find the info you need.

    Where exactly are you planning on working? Basically you need to contact the licensing body in the country you want to work in and they will tell you the requirements for licensure. You would have to contact the immigration office for that country to apply for a work visa.
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    and a nursing full degree, for most other countries.
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    Quote from cluv2nurse
    Can you be a little more helpfull than that?
    We can't be more helpful unless you provide adequate info for us to assist you.

    Virtually every single nation has different requirements for nursing . YOU need to figure out what specific nations that you want to work in and contact the regulatory agencies there. It is a bit much for one to expect us to provide the different data/links for over a hundred different countries, especially you can probably just as easily google. If you give one or two nations that you are interested in and perhaps we can help... But without specifics, we really can't do much.

    You will note that most require the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree and most require experience. And while Getting a license/permit may be a challenge, the bigger one in many nations will be getting a visa/immigration status to work there. Given the current worldwide recession, and that most give preference to their own citizens, getting the legal wherewithal to work and finding a job that will accept you may be difficult.