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  1. wishiwereanurse

    Night owl on day shift

    Your post is very timely, after 6 years of night shift I finally took a dayshift position (doing it for mt daughter because I love her to pieces!) At 2pm, my whole being just wants to shut down. And it is a struggle because at 2pm i find myself debating on whether or not I should drink some caffeine. When i worked nights, I would drink coffee at 7am and go to sleep at 9am. No problem. I am considering returning to nights, but I will give it a try for 90 days.
  2. wishiwereanurse

    One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    Sometimes I am the only Filipino in the nursing station, and everyone else is talking in Punjabi/Hindu/Spanish. I do not mind, as long as it is done in front of me and not in front of other patients.
  3. wishiwereanurse

    What do you do to volunteer and give back?

    i don't yet, but I have always been curious as to what is it like being a volunteer firefighter....
  4. wishiwereanurse

    Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

  5. wishiwereanurse

    What is the drug of choice in your area?

    Sacramento and up north...meth, meth, and lots of booze.
  6. wishiwereanurse

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Dilaudid, Ceftriaxone, Vancomycin, Heparin, Omeprazole
  7. wishiwereanurse

    Side business ideas for nurses

    I know of some nurses who collect and sell vintage clothes online, like on etsy, or sometimes they buy quilts then sell them for a hundred bucks or so...
  8. wishiwereanurse

    Nursing outside of the United States!

    join an international medical mission perhaps?
  9. wishiwereanurse

    Observation Admits

    on ours the patients don't get to be obs unless the 'insurance' pays for it, otherwise you become inpatient regardless of your condition even if you will only be there for half a day...paperworks are same for both now
  10. wishiwereanurse

    Any SAHMs?

    My friend did a 1 year break when she had her second baby, but now she's back to work. I wish I can be SAHM, working plus baby has pretty much exhausted me since I went back from my leave...
  11. wishiwereanurse

    The FIT Nurse

    I bet you have the same opinion with nurses who smoke...
  12. wishiwereanurse

    About U.S. vacation time..

    i used to take 4-week vacations yearly during my first 3 years in nursing, then everything changed and my workplace now only lets us take up to 3weeks max, which is really not enough vacation time if one is travelling out of the country at that time. Nowadays, earned PTO gets eaten when one uses it to cover for standby/low census days....
  13. wishiwereanurse

    Dreading bedside report with The Interrogator

    The Interogator won't let you leave unscuffed, she asks questions above and beyond sbar...
  14. wishiwereanurse

    If you werent a nurse, what other career would you do?

    journalism...or maybe marine biologist
  15. wishiwereanurse

    how do i go about this situation safely?

    and oh sorry for the long post...tried my best to crunch everything but its just been crazy...
  16. wishiwereanurse

    how do i go about this situation safely?

    I cannot believe I am writing this post, but I've been having goosebumps since I went off shift 3 days ago. My situation is this. I was off work for personal leave for a few months, and when i talked to my manager about coming back to work, she said, "Oh you think we're gonna let you work as soon as you come back? No that's unsafe! We need to reorient you" Anyhow, on my first day back on the floor, i get none of the said orientation, and full load of patients. Okay. I got through the day safely with the help of my charge nurse who also had a full load of patients herself. As a background I have worked this floor for a few years now, so most of the stuff we do I remember. But there are also things they've changed that i need to catch up on. Second day, I go back, they floated me to the ICU. Although I was working with the best nurse they had on the unit, I was really uncomfortable being there the whole time handling 2 patients. They had floated me down on that floor before, the last one being more than 2 years ago, so I was highly anxious during the beginning of shift. Whole-heartedly, I am not comfortable with critical care at all, and as far as interest goes, I am really not interested in working at critical care units. With the other nurse guiding me on, we get through the night safely. But I know this won't be the last time I am working there as this wee hospital is changing from having separate m/s and icu floors to just one 'acute care' floor, which at anytime I can be given critically ill patients on my own, with none of the experienced nurses working with me. And this type of workplace has become the type of place that assumes that if you have acls then you are fit to work icu, don't care if you have no training on drips and vents. I do understand that the only way to learn is to handle patients but in these times, the culture of safety is gone. My co-workers told me things are getting grimm, since I was on leave there were so many codes, and one of them, even with no vent experience they made her handle two patients and she had to call the nurse who was off duty to help her manage the vents because the one she was working with had no extensive experience either. They are good nurses and the place we work used to be a good place to work at but things have changed so much from the day I started here, and the nurses are all wanting to leave and I feel heartbroken too but I think it is time I leave too. But while I am looking for another job, how do i get by with this situation safely? I am seriously having heebeegeebeez and want to just run...

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