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not much...I have two eyes, a nose, two legs, and one sex organ

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  1. wishiwereanurse

    Night owl on day shift

    Your post is very timely, after 6 years of night shift I finally took a dayshift position (doing it for mt daughter because I love her to pieces!) At 2pm, my whole being just wants to shut down. And it is a struggle because at 2pm i find myself debat...
  2. wishiwereanurse

    One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    Sometimes I am the only Filipino in the nursing station, and everyone else is talking in Punjabi/Hindu/Spanish. I do not mind, as long as it is done in front of me and not in front of other patients.
  3. wishiwereanurse

    What do you do to volunteer and give back?

    i don't yet, but I have always been curious as to what is it like being a volunteer firefighter....
  4. wishiwereanurse

    Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

  5. wishiwereanurse

    What is the drug of choice in your area?

    Sacramento and up north...meth, meth, and lots of booze.
  6. wishiwereanurse

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Dilaudid, Ceftriaxone, Vancomycin, Heparin, Omeprazole
  7. wishiwereanurse

    Side business ideas for nurses

    I know of some nurses who collect and sell vintage clothes online, like on etsy, or sometimes they buy quilts then sell them for a hundred bucks or so...
  8. wishiwereanurse

    Nursing outside of the United States!

    join an international medical mission perhaps?
  9. wishiwereanurse

    Observation Admits

    on ours the patients don't get to be obs unless the 'insurance' pays for it, otherwise you become inpatient regardless of your condition even if you will only be there for half a day...paperworks are same for both now
  10. wishiwereanurse

    Any SAHMs?

    My friend did a 1 year break when she had her second baby, but now she's back to work. I wish I can be SAHM, working plus baby has pretty much exhausted me since I went back from my leave...
  11. wishiwereanurse

    The FIT Nurse

    I bet you have the same opinion with nurses who smoke...
  12. wishiwereanurse

    About U.S. vacation time..

    i used to take 4-week vacations yearly during my first 3 years in nursing, then everything changed and my workplace now only lets us take up to 3weeks max, which is really not enough vacation time if one is travelling out of the country at that time....
  13. wishiwereanurse

    Dreading bedside report with The Interrogator

    The Interogator won't let you leave unscuffed, she asks questions above and beyond sbar...
  14. wishiwereanurse

    If you werent a nurse, what other career would you do?

    journalism...or maybe marine biologist
  15. wishiwereanurse

    how do i go about this situation safely?

    and oh sorry for the long post...tried my best to crunch everything but its just been crazy...