How do I get on the path of working as an RN in a different country. I was born in US - page 3

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OK guys, I am an male RN I have 1.5 years tele, medsurg, and ER experience how do I work abroad but still make enough to pay student loans of $400 usd/month, thanks. Links would be helpfull.... Read More

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    the poster just wanted constructive feedback, not critique of his post.

    cluv3nurse, in South America nursing is not a very well paid career as it is in the United States, for example I am from Puerto Rico and I know that they make around the same hourly rate as a PCT in the North East.

    I suggest maybe looking into relief work which will be highly rewarding as well as grant you an opportunity to see the world. Best of Luck!
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    In the past I considered the peace corp. Some fellowships are available for nurses. Try browsing the site:, see if you find anything interesting.
    The other, probably obvious idea, is the U.S. military.
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    If I was in your place I would consider becoming a Nurse in the Air Force.
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    You need to narrow it down to a country and then we can help you a bit more.

    What your asking is like me saying to you I want to live in "America" (that is a massive area you couldn't give me a definitive answer). with out being more specific it is impossible to answer your question. Get a map or globe out and narrow it down.