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    Hi, all

    I am ging to graduate this coming May with BSN. Feel so stressed because I learned that it seems impossible to apply for H1B as a registered nurse. I was told that I may apply for greencard directly, but it takes years. My opt is only for a year, which means after my opt expires, and I have not received my greencard, my status will be illegal. I am so frustrated that I have been studying so hard and it just turns out to be nothing. Can anyone give me some idea about applying for H1B or greencard, please? Any help will highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    You might have better luck getting a job in your home country anyways. There no work in USA, for new grads.
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    there's no real need for newbie foreign nurses right now, hasn't been for a while. don't feel too bad though, there isn't much need for newbie nurses that were born, raised and educated here either.

    the economy is and has been poo.
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    An H1B requires both a bachelor degree and a job offer with a minimum requirement of a bachelor degree. RNs usually start as bedside nurses and the minimum requirement for a bedside nurse is less than a bachelor (e.g. ADN or Diploma). You need to look for RN positions that require a bachelor degree. Look for positions outside the traditional RN field, for example clinical research.
    You are not illegal after your OPT if you go back to school and transfer into a BSN to MSN program.
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    All of your questions are answered here

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    Moved to the international forum

    Most students that train in the US are expected to return back to their home country and work. Retrogression has been ongoing since Oct 2006 and yes it will currently take over 5 years to get a greencard. Current job situation in the US with many many US nurses struggling to find work the likelihood of finding a employer willing to go the H1b visa route with no experience or skills will be hard.
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    Your status only becomes "out of status" (not "illegal") if you don't leave at the end of your I-94.
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    Quote from ghillbert
    Your status only becomes "out of status" (not "illegal") if you don't leave at the end of your I-94.
    So, what are the differences between the two? Thank you, ^~*. Is there anything I can do to keep myself legal? I would like to go back to school, but it requires 2000 working hours RN experience before application deadline, it would be impossible for me to complete that before my opt expires. And I was told that if I apply for GC, I may not apply for F-1 again since it is for non-immigrant and I have the immigration intend. Thank you.
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    The difference is one was legally admitted into the country and one entered illegally without inspection. There's no difference in the fact that either is subject to deportation.

    I don't suggest you accumulate any "out of status" time if you are planning to immigrate in future as this will go against you.
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    I know you LOVE USA but Canada might be good alternative for you. I 've gone through similar situation and moved to Canada. And once I get used to Canada it I fell in Love with it (every year more and more).
    I wasted a lot of time and money trying to stay in USA and ended up in emergency situation...but it is another story (see my previous post)

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