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Frontline staff to lose jobs

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    Sign of things to come, saw this in the papers today,

    The government's repeated pledges to protect frontline NHS services
    have been dramatically undermined by a wave of job losses at two
    hospitals, with fears that as many as 1,000 posts could disappear.
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    sad sad day
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    I am a 3rd year student,I will qualify in September 2011,and I am horrified at the prospect of not being able to find a job when I finish my course.
    I am now thinking if maybe I should emigrate if there are any available visas for countries like Canada or USA.
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    We've got around 30 students just qualifying all applying for just 5 jobs.

    I really feel for you pizzalover, but (and I know it's not much consolation now) when I qualified millions of years ago I didn't have a job, neither did 70% of my group. We worked agency for a while but we all did get jobs within 6 months, because it's end of financial year hospitals are holding onto vacancies so they can meet the cost reductions, hang in there. I'll keep fingers and toes crossed
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    that's terrible...pizzalover, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too!

    It hardly seems fair that you go into nursing with everyone telling you that you'll have your pick of jobs to by the end of your course stuck in this world recession. I feel so lucky to have gotten a job a year before it hit hard.
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    Pizza lover I feel for you and I know when I qualified way back in 88 only half of us had jobs to go to. US and Canada takes time and the USA will take years due to high demand for visas Plus UK training does not always met their requirements as they require generalist trained not specialized like the UK
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    As usual front line staff cop it - what about all those wasteful management posts?? Problem is right now the whole world is struggling, I feel fortunate to have got out the UK when I did but right now there's little chance of getting a job elsewhere as a new grad - possibly with the exception of Australia (?)

    Of course all the politicians have their nice private health insurance and plenty of money so it won't hurt them! Just the regular people trying to get by whose taxes pay for the MP's perks!!

    If it's any consolation though I too graduated at a time when there were similar problems in the NHS and I still managed to get a job, it wasn't where I'd intended but it led to better things and ultimately to my escape from the UK!
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    Hey, it's just not the UK. When I graduated here in Canada back at the turn of the century, there were no full time jobs. We worked casual or part time at two or three different jobs (usually nursing homes and doctor's offices) just to pay back the student loans.
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    Just found out my ward is closining. but we will be redeployed to were I dont know
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    Quote from ayla2004
    Just found out my ward is closining. but we will be redeployed to were I dont know
    Hope it works out for you!

    These things come in cycles throughout the Western World, as Fiona has attested! You just have to put your head down, do the best you can and wait for it to turn full circle!

    It just sucks that it's every day Joe public that gets bled dry while the rich get richer and the politicians sit pretty! Did you know that not since Medieval times has the wealth of the world been so unevenly distributed? We're all just serfs again!! :-D
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    Quote from ayla2004
    Just found out my ward is closining. but we will be redeployed to were I dont know

    Ayla I am so sorry to hear that, most hospitals will give redeployed staff a choice of where you can go.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you
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    Quote from XB9S
    Ayla I am so sorry to hear that, most hospitals will give redeployed staff a choice of where you can go.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you
    Ive an idea where i'd like to go which is critical care, have heard there are jobs available and as far as know no other band 5 from my ward wants this area. So ive emailed our matron. A colleague has said since we are closing if a postion is available we may be able to move into it before the ward closes.
    In a way this is good timing i was looking to move but i like my colleguea and know i wont really see them once we spilt.
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    This makes me really REALLY mad. The government are morons. Do they honestly think that by cutting front line staff and services that people will stop being ill, or that people will stop having accidents?????? Of course not, so who do they think is going to look after these people when they need to go into hospital????? magical pixie nurses?????? It will only end in disaster when someone dies because there wasn't enough staff to safely look after them; this will only endanger patients. The newspapers will have a field day - patient neglected and starved as no-one available to feed frail elderly patients or give them a drink, patients left in soiled beds, waiting lists so long it wil be near on impossible to get seen...oh wait thats what is happening already!!!!!! And when push comes to shove, who gets the blame for all this? not the government, but the exhausted and disillusioned nurses who try their very best on each and every shift to deliver the best care they can, that's who!