Denied I-140

  1. The Uscis decided not to accept eb3 overqualified bsn anymore.
    i just filed my i-140 this june, anyone jere denied thier 1-140? What are the reasons of denial?
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  3. by   YeXinZhi
    I don't think I've ever heard of an overqualified BSN being denied by USCIS.

    As long as your papers are genuine and in order, and your petitioner files the appropriate paperwork and they can show proof that they can meet sponsorship obligations, I don't see why USCIS would deny your petition.

    Clearly, there is more to the story than just being an overqualified RN.

    Did USCIS outline their reasons for the denial? Did you receive an RFE or NOID before you were denied?
  4. by   Joan_ako
    Hello, there's a blog from immigration lawyer that they appealing to the USCIS because they dont accept now overqualified BSN . They were saying that being a RN they only need an not a Bachelor.
    my I-140 don't have any result yet that's why I'm very anxious about the result.
  5. by   The_Gift
    what do u mean your I-140 doesnt have any results? meaning you dont know if your denied or not? another reason why its taking long is because how did you file it? did you do regular processor? or premium?
  6. by   nurse.khaleesi
    Hello my agency filed my I140 this June2017, however they refused to provide the receipt number that's why I can't track it on my end. I would like to know how many mos. on regular processing did you get the results or response of your petition?
  7. by   Ymma
    Mine was filed last February 7, 2017. In May, the status of my application was, "Request for Additional Evidence" mailed and was given until June 3 to respond. I communicated this with my agency and I was told that they will take care of it. Up to now the status is still the same. I was advised that online status is not updated. Now I am worried and anxious. The waiting period is agonizing. I have been told that just in case I will get denied, they will re-file and usually refiled cases get approved. But then original/old priority date will not be retained. Sigh.
  8. by   internurse
    my petition also got denied. Filed in march, had RFE and September still denied. WHAT is the next step. Anyone got approval after first being denied .