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YeXinZhi has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Telemetry, Emergency, Cardiology, Respiratory.

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  1. Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    Sure go for it.
  2. Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    Hi Jenny, Based on my experience, no you do not need your SSN to obtain your NY license (my first US license was NY). Washington state however requires it so when you apply for reciprocity. Hopefully you would already have obtained an SSN by th...
  3. Cedars-Sinai salary scale

    Good day y'all, I'm planning on a move to the LA area, and looking at Cedars-Sinai as one potential employer. They don't have a nurses' union so I don't know how much they pay their nurses. Does anyone here have any idea how much they pay ...
  4. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    Hi Ann415, I sent you a private message. I don't think I'm allowed to share private contact details here.
  5. Breach of contract with conexus

    You should ask your agency directly. They and they alone can set a figure or penalty for pulling out of a contract. If you have no intention of ever moving to the US, I wouldn't worry about it. Your US-based agency can do little to enforce a breach o...
  6. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    I find that highly unusual. The first state I ever got licensed in was NY but I passed my NCLEX through California but did not get my license then because I didn't have an SSN. When I applied for my NY license they asked for my NCLEX results which I ...
  7. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    You need to send a written request to CA BON, there is a fee involved which was $40 last year. (call them for the exact amount as it is always changing). You should include which State BON you want CA BON to send your NCLEX results to.
  8. Breaching contract from a petitioner

    OMG hahaha
  9. Breaching contract from a petitioner

    That's not too bad then. I left after 1 year of a 3 year contract and I still had to pay the full amount. DO NOT ever feel bad about leaving your employer. Do you know how much money they made out of you? On average, nursing agencies earn somewhere b...
  10. I have worked in 3 different countries (NZ, Australia, USA) and I have to say, in terms of needing orders from doctors, there really isn't much of a difference, if I had to quantify the number of times I had to chase a doctor for an order. In both Au...
  11. Breaching contract from a petitioner

    Anyway, that should not lead to the revocation of your green card. It looks like you tried your best to stick to your commitments by working for them for 28 months. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out and there is now law in the U.S. that will compel...
  12. Best Hospitals to Work in WA

    I work at EvergreenHealth and I love it so far!
  13. Best Hospitals to Work in WA

    Which part of the state are you planning on relocating to?
  14. Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    Hi MikkieZhzh, I guess mine and Silverdragon's points are, what one state accepts as sufficient credentials do not necessarily mean another state will accept it as so. However, your NCLEX-RN exam is valid in ALL U.S. states. Having said that, passing...
  15. Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    I would use caution when saying 'you can endorse in any other state' because as I mentioned earlier some states are much stricter in terms of educational requirements than the others. Some states like California have very stringent concurrency rules ...