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  1. nurse.khaleesi

    I140 petition/RFE/NOID and processing times (2017)

    @gabwam how many months did you wait before your i140 was approved?
  2. My i140 was filed by my employer last June 2017. However, i heard that there a lot of RFE and denials that's why i'm getting anxious. How did yours go? Can you please share your experience? And from the date of filing, how many mos did you receive your RFE/NOID/Approval? Your service center and as well as the time from responding to your RFE was it approve? What are the usual reasons of RFE? Thanks a lot!
  3. nurse.khaleesi

    CGFNS-Request for Academics Records

    I believe that form should be filled up by your university registrar and also, they should be the one to send it to CGFNS.
  4. nurse.khaleesi

    Internationally train nurse

    You can try applying to other state
  5. nurse.khaleesi


    Hi kisheen! When is your approximate exam date? Do you already have your CES report and ATT? Thanks!
  6. nurse.khaleesi


    Congrats MikeeMikes! I also signed a contract with Avant and currently on Phase 2 of the Review Program. They emailed me a time table showing an approximate date of my NCLEX exam which is on 3/7/2017 or mid March. (I'm still waiting for my CES report and ATT) In your case, was your actual exam date the same with the estimated time they've set?
  7. nurse.khaleesi


    Anyone here who are from Philippines and already signed up with Avant? I wanna know how many months/years did you wait before you were deployed to the US? i just checked the PD for EB3 which has moved 5 months and is now Dec2010. If that is the case, PD for Philippines may be current in 1-2years.
  8. nurse.khaleesi

    BST vs APCN trainees

    Hi do you know when will PGH release dean's form for 2011-2012? Thanks! :)
  9. nurse.khaleesi

    New thread that will lead us to New job and trainings

    That's a good news! :) Some of my co-trainees were already done with the clinical interview & physical exam. They are now waiting for their ward assignments. I heard the exam was pretty hard & they got mental blocked during the clinical interview. Goodluck to us! :)
  10. nurse.khaleesi

    New thread that will lead us to New job and trainings

    Hi i was also trained at usth Pediatric Ward nov-feb. were you interviewed by hr & nursing service for d contractual position? i already took the iQ/personality exam & was interviewed by hrd. right now i'm just waiting for the call from nursing service (hope they'd call me).
  11. nurse.khaleesi

    Private Nursing!!!

    Let's face it colleagues, most of us couldn't get a job when we graduated. It's either you have a backer in a certain hospital or you're in a different field like call center, sales etc.. Some are in RHU's and some do volunteers.. But how about being a private nurse? How can we get a job and where can we get a patient? Is there any requirements? How much is the salary? Thanks!
  12. nurse.khaleesi

    Us nurse trying to work in Australia...

    Hi everyone. I'm a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I'm interested in applying there in Australia. What are the requirements to be an RN there and is it easy to get a Visa? Thanks!
  13. nurse.khaleesi

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Hi how about in St. Luikes Global City? Are they still hiring? Thanks!
  14. nurse.khaleesi

    New thread that will lead us to New job and trainings

    Hi there. I was also trained at USTH for 3mos (Nov-Feb2011). **** from HR txted me on last week of March to take an exam. But until now I haven't got any call from them. 4 of my cotrainees just had their interview this week. Does that mean that they were the only ones who will be hired? Thanks.