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I passed NCLEX-RN and CRNE, these exams evaluate nurses in a different and unique ways. My questions are: First, how can this happen without CNA or their provincial counterparts be involved in the... Read More

  1. by   dishes
    Surprisingly, it doesn't look like there is a separate fee for the jurisprudence exam, it's not listed separately on the 2012 fee schedule and the jurisprudence exam starts in 2012, so if there is an additional charge, it should be listed Application & Membership Fees - CNO

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    you are right the cno's answer to security questions is vague, seems like they are still hammering out the privacy issues. there is a slightly more detailed answer about the privacy concerns available on the college of registerd nurses of nova scotia (crnns) website

    1. cno's q&a regarding security

    will the college be taking steps to ensure that personal information is protected?

    yes, the college will be addressing issues around the security and confidentiality of exam writers’ personal information as it works with ncsbn in the development of the exam. the college takes its accountability for protecting privacy and confidentiality seriously and will ensure that any contract entered into complies with canadian privacy legislation

    2. crnns' q&a regarding security
    a significant factor in the decision to partner with ncsbn was their world-class level of test security and data protection

    advanced security features employed for the new exam will include controlled testing environments (e.g., digital video surveillance and recordings) and global identity management to make sure that only authorized/verified individuals are able to take the exam (e.g., digital capture of signatures and photographs, use of advanced palm vein biometrics).
    in addition, ncsbn has already worked with the office of privacy commissioner in canada and is compliant with canadian privacy legislation, as well as various privacy/security iso and other industry standards.
    ncsbn has also worked on data storage issues with more than 300 clients globally and, to date, has never had any data subpoenaed nor witnessed any extraordinary access to exam or candidate information by any government (u.s. or other). in fact, in the 10 years since legislation such as the u.s.a. patriot act and the canadian anti-terrorism act has been in place, neither the canadian government nor the ncsbn is aware of a single case in which a canadian’s personal information has been accessed through either piece of legislation. computer-adaptive exam for rns q and a 2011.pdf
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    the ontario board of nursing press release covers many of your concerns:

    the college of nurses of ontario (cno) is pleased to announce that the national council of state boards of nursing has been selected to partner in the development of a state-of-the-art, computer-adaptive rn entry exam. the goal is to introduce the new exam in 2015.
    in december, cno and nine other canadian rn regulators completed a comprehensive search for an exam provider. the search included a detailed rfp process and an independent assessment of the final
    proposals by a canadian psychometric expert.
    the national council of state boards of nursing offered the best option and a proven ability to meet the needs and expectations of the canadian regulators.
    an important role for canadian regulators is ensuring rn candidates meet the entry to practice competencies and are qualified to provide safe and ethical care. the entry to practice examination is a critical tool in this assessment.
    to ensure the exam meets canadian requirements, the 10 regulators will participate in oversight of the exam development and administration. this will include a thorough study of rn practice and entry competencies in canada and input from canadian nursing experts and practising nurses. there will be opportunities for nurse educators and students to learn about the new exam and for rns to participate in its development.
    the end result will be a new rn entry exam that offers a fair and accurate assessment of a candidate'sreadiness to practise nursing in canada. currently, rn candidates write a paper and pen exam. this exam continues to be a valid assessment of their abilities.
    however, the new exam will have computer features that make it affordable, accessible year-round, and provide exam results within 48 hours leading to timely registration of nursing candidates....
    new rn entry exam coming in 2015 - cno

    read the faqs

    british columbia rn exam:

    who was chosen to partner in the development of the new exam?
    after 10 canadian rn regulators completed a thorough search for an exam provider, they chose the national council of state boards of nursing (ncsbn).

    the new exam meets these expectations:

    • meets public interest goals - the new exam will be legally defensible, credible and accessible
    • tests entry-level competencies of canadian nursing practice
    • ensures stakeholder input in key activities that contribute to exam integrity
    • provides an affordable exam based on a solid business model
    • ensures accessible, secure and adaptable testing centres
    • provides frequent and timely statistical analysis and reporting
    • holds a shared goal of excellence in nursing regulation
    • can adapt to the regulators' needs as they evolve
    • has experience communicating and working with regulatory bodies, transitioning to automated examinations and delivering excellence in testing services
    • offers a state-of-the-art product
    • holds a global vision recognizing the increased labour mobility of nursing
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  4. by   MattJoey
    It's good that NSCBN will be the one incharge with the exam, because there will be no limit how many times you take if in case you fail. And that's the real nursing, unlike those tricky questions of CNA even some Canadian graduates will be having difficulty in answering those tricky question. CNA dont have a real program if you fail 3x. They say you will have to study four years again which sound crazy as you haven't paid your OSAP yet. Canadian nursing students are trained to answer by the book about Medical Surgical and Pathophysiology, psychosocial is only a part of it.
  5. by   dishes
    I think your post is wishful thinking, NSCBN is an exam service provider, they do not have the authority to determine the number of times an examinee can take the exam. The regulatory bodies determine how often the exam can be written and knowing the Canadian regulatory bodies it will remain 3 attempts.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Also not all states allow unlimited attempts. Some states stick to 2 or 3 and then you have to do a review course and if you fail again I believe you have to do your training all over again. Yes some states will allow many attempts but I like dishes do not see that at the moment happening in Canada
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  7. by   joanna73
    I've said this before, and I'll reiterate it. The majority of people writing the CRNE are successful the first time. Check the statistics on the CNA website. In order to pass, candidates need to achieve at least 69 percent. Three attempts to get 69 percent is more than fair. Furthermore, the exam is basically a review of all the concepts you learn during 4 years of school. The onus is on YOU the individual to do what you need to do to be successful. So while the exam format is changing, it is unlikely that people will be granted unlimited attempts, and they shouldn't be. If you are unable to pass by the third attempt, then further education is required.