AllNurse is biased against foreign nurses?

  1. My guess is that this will be deleted in 2minutes, if it is.

    I have been lurking around for a couple of years. I wonder if I'm the only one who noticed
    that this forum is inconsistent in editing posts by users. Posts that encourage, help, give hope or certain instructions beneficial to a foreign nurse are taken down ASAP. On the other hand, trivial and discouraging posts are never touched.

    For a while, this was my thought. Until I saw this as a trending topic in another Nursing forum. Is AllNurse biased against foreign nurses? Admins, I am here to seek clarification, not to condemn or to offend. I appreciate getting a response, not a termination of my account.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    No we are not bias against foreign nurses in fact I am a IEN that has moved from the UK to Canada. It may feel as if foreign nurses are being pulled down but generally people are posting their experiences and what they see as the truth. ie issues pertaining to immigration, the postings of which states that they are the best in the world and for most do not come from the country they are planning on living in. No one is the best in the world what they are are working in a different environment to someone else.

    Each country has their own immigration and nurse requirements and each should be respected and looking for shortcuts can at times be an insult to the nurses already living and working in that country whether as a citizen or IEN.

    With the current issues that a lot of countries are facing with locals struggling to find work it is unfair to expect them to be bypassed to give an IEN a job and we sometimes see this posted. Each country has a president/Prime Minister or whatever governs them and they are responsible to their own people before looking outside and sometimes this is ignored.

    I think for some seeing the truth feels as if it is delebrate to hurt but all that is being said is be prepared to wait, if determined there is an end just be prepared and be aware on what current issues dictate
  4. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Well said, SilverDragon. I've not noticed that posts regarding the topic are being pulled, in fact there seem to be alot of them. And I agree with everything you said about the IEN looking for a shortcut to getting licensed and hired when plenty of stateside trained and licensed nurses are struggling to find employment...
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Are the posts that encourage or advise IENs truthful and lawful? Sometimes IENs are advised to do things that break the law or may harm their longterm prospects for employment here, by those that are less than honest.

    The situation for IENs has changed drastically from 5 years ago. So many IENs went to school, with the full expectation that they could easily come to the US for a job, and it is just not true. Many look for ways to skirt the laws, admittedly because it is a dire situation and they have spent much money and time on this dream. And there is no safe shortcut.

    If you check other forums on this BB, you will find nonIENs who want to skirt school rules on required grades, want to fudge on their resume to get a job, find guaranteed shortcuts to finding their grades from the NCLEX early, or escape BON censure when they have committed a act that could void their license. And you will find posters that censure them for wanting to break or bend the rules, or who are discouraging in tone. Most posters just want to orient others to the realities of the situation. It isn't specific to IENs, or nonIENs.
  6. by   loriangel14
    I find that many foreign trained nurses that come to AN looking for advice take offense when they don't hear what they want to hear.They perceive any negative results as a personal slight and prejudice against them.Many people seem to think they shouldn't have to meet the requirements of another country in order to work there and get very upset when they discover that they have many obstacles to clear before they can do so.AN isn't biased against foreign nurses but questions regarding immigration and licensure are answered as honesty as possible and sometimes the news isn't good.
  7. by   nursel56
    I think allnurses actually serves as a place where foreign nurses can network - the threads on the topic of immigration have thousands upon thousands of posts in them. Allnurses recently started an entire new forum to consolidate all the foreign nurse registration issues. There are guides who give practical, accurate feedback on every new post here within a few hours in most cases. They tend to be pretty lenient about removing posts or parts of posts that are a violation of the Terms of Service as far as language and the sharing of personal information. I think if you could go back and review the deleted posts you would find that they all contained a TOS violation of some sort.
  8. by   steppybay
    As an international student/grad (PH), I disagree with the OP. Yes, I had one posting of mine removed out of all my many's, but I understood why as it was attached to an unapproved business link, I had no problem with that and they were correct.

    I disagree with your comment: "Posts that encourage, help, give hope or certain instructions beneficial to a foreign nurse are taken down ASAP." Like I said, other than the one I had removed, none of my postings, good or bad, was taken down or deleted.

    It's true of the above comments and like some of my own PH friends, if they don't want to hear the bad truth or only want to hear what they want to hear, they get offended and defensive and turn the other way, if it doesn't fit into their circle or square box.

    Maybe I'm not reading the same ones you are, but can you point out to any particular postings that you say were taken down? I try to log on AN daily if I can, it's my on-line Starbucks, so I do follow the site.
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