abandoned petition by US employer-due for embassy interview

  1. hi!
    can anybody give me an inputs or idea on how to go through about my ordeal:-i'm a Philippine RN ,petitioned by US employer,unfortunately due to retrogression ,etc,my petition was abandoned-at least i presumed ( i say abandoned because there was no communication from them for a year,despite my effort to email,call them or sms them regarding my status),then NVC informed me that i am scheduled for an embassy interview.my dilemma is that,there are documents that i need from my employer whicho i have to present during the interview,and i still got no response from them,what do i haved to do.?anybody?
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  3. by   letina
    You will need to show a contract of employment when you attend the embassy interview. No employment contract means no visa I'm afraid, but I'm sure you are aware of this and it is your cause of worry. Do you have a phone number for anyone at the hospital who petitioned you? You really need to speak with them to clarify your situation.

    Good luck
  4. by   sophiabryan
    @ letina--- thank you for your info,yes this is one out of two the things that i have to procure from my agency(which i think closed alredy),my hospital employer just withdraw their offer last year due to long waiting,..i'm basically at lost,dont know if i have to cal the embassy already ,for rescheduling or find another employer or agency .....did you have your embassy interview already?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    No job offer or employment information will result in no visa. You should have a lawyer and they are the ones that get all the paperwork together that is require by the embassy
  6. by   sophiabryan
    thank you for your input,i'm thinking of consulting an immigration lawyer though...and see what option i have..
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    I am surprised they did not withdraw your application because immigrant visa is employer based and you will need I believe to find a employer. Not sure if a lawer can help but no harm in asking
  8. by   Ginger's Mom
    How very sad, long wait an your employer is gone. I am wondering more and more employers will be backing out due to economics. Hospitals that relied on importing nurses are now closing or have looked at other options.

    I hope you have a plan B, it seems like the US is not an easy way to get a position even with a wait of 6 years. That is a long time to wait for nothing. I hope nursing students are not going to nursing school in hopes of coming to the USA since even with a 6 year wait it doesn't look like a practical option.
  9. by   sophiabryan
    @ginger mom

    yes i guess you're right,have to think of other option or find a way to make things possible with regards to recapturing my visa..thanks for the input
  10. by   PapaPhil
    The nurses on the Lefora blog are doing something about being abandoned. They are going to march on POEA in an attempt to get the hospitals and agencies that abandoned them banned from recruiting the Philippines forever.
  11. by   juan de la cruz
    I feel the OP's pain but I'm not convinced that the hospital's are entirely to blame either. This is an unfortunate outcome of retrogression. The hospital's made offers of employment to foreign nurses at a time when they had a need for nurses. It is beyond inconceivable for a hospital to leave a position open for a candidate that would take 5 years to receive eligibility to work in the US. Easily, a suitable candidate from the local pool of new grads could fill that vacancy without having to go through extensive bureaucratic processing of immigration paperwork. Besides, so much things could have happened in that time period. For one, budgetary fluctuations in the institution could have easily played a role on how things are done in that five years' time so who knows if the unit or hospital service would even be in existence in five years knowing how bad things are with the economy. I think it's truly sad though I'm sorry for saying this, but resorting to protest and picketing at the POEA to ban recruitment by these institutions is not only pointless but pretty much lame in my opinion.
  12. by   ceridwyn
    I do not think any country will ever need to import nurses as they have done in the past.

    Reality check.....maybe protest about nurses, low pay, increase nurses, implement patient ratios and close down poor quality nursing schools, before protesting about a foreign countries health institutions inability to wait 5 years to sponsor many many, overseas nurses, when they ample local graduates......why bother.....?
  13. by   PapaPhil
    You must, and I mean must, go to that interview. The lack of documents will likely generate a request for documents and best of all a 1-year extension to get the documents together and get a new interview. I imagine that you are at least missing your I-797c. There are several threads on foreign-nurse ******** about priority dates, embassy interviews and upcoming Abandoned Nurse Job Fair that cannot be discussed here on All Nurses, but you can get the info that you need on that blog. Good Luck!
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  14. by   greenjungle
    There is no longer a nursing shortage here, while there's a nursing oversupply in the PH. Stories like these will continue with each priority date becoming current.