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    Would people on this group be willing to share your policies on time frames for changing IV tubings? Currently we change the primary line every 72 hours and a secondary piggyback line every 24 hours. Is what you have based on long-standing policy or do you have a reference that I could use for substantiation of a change in our policies.
    Thank You
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    The policy at the last two hopsitals that I have worked at state that all IV tubing be changed every 72 hours. Unless it is tubing for TPN--that gets changes every 24 hours.
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    Iv tubing get s changed q 72 hours, bags, q 24, hyper al, q 24, dht/peg feeds q 24. Propofol q 12 (just found that out the other day) Dilantin tubing c/every bag.
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    we have an iv policy and we change the giving sets every 72hours and this is probably standard policy.
    we also use venflon charts to record the observation of venflons on a 4hourly basis.
    hope this helps you.:kiss
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    when we use syringe drivers to administer small infusions of 10mls - 12mls, the I.V. line is changed daily because the line is primed with the new infusion before connection to the patient, as the I.V. giving set has a safety valve attached so that the patient does not get more than their infusion is set at, hope this helps.
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    Hi, I work for a home IV infusion company (we deal with IV drugs exclusively) I teach the patients to administer their therapy. Our policy is: regardles of the access (PIV, PICC, PORT, etc) the tubing is to be changed every 24 hours. Depending on the therapy this may be several doses or just one.
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    Every 72 hrs and any lines with TPN or additives will be Q24hrs
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    we used to be every 72 hrs but policy has been changed to q 4 days for IV fluids
    still q 24 hrs for TPN/PPN.
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    IV Bags q24 hrs except Diprivan which is q12 and PCA pump bag which is q72 and TPN/lipids which are q24
    IV tubing is q72 hrs except Diprivan and TPN/lipids which are q24

    Any pressure monitoring tubing is also q72 and the bags ie)swan bag must be changed q24.