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I'm not a nurse but a physical therapist working in what I may add a very unsanitary nursing home. The staff is very neglectful with regards to patient care. The nursing assistants do not toilet residents on a regular basis so... Read More

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    I think you would get some excellent responses if you posted this in the LTC section, and also agree that you need to report this facility.
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    SNFs aren't generally known for their keen focus on housekeeping- that's usually the first expense that gets cut, despite the housekeepers being paid so poorly. Aside from the other problems, welcome to the real world of many SNFs. But- I've never worked in a SNF that allowed gloves to be worn in the hallways, or dining rooms, for several reasons. Dignity. Spreading bugs from inside the rooms to the rest of the place, by wearing gloves rather than washing your hands. Using supplies wastefully (gloves are intended for direct patient care, not pushing a wheelchair). Etc. Surveyors will also have an issue with this. Best bet is to clean the wheelchair, or at least the handles, if you have concerns about what might be lurking there. And everyone is a SNF is guilty of spreading germs- if you think about it, do you 'really' wash your hands according to protocol, which might be a few hundred times a day? It doesn't seem like many people in your place are doing so.
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    I am currently work in a SNF and am appalled by what I read by OP. There is absolutely no excuse not to report the abuse that is taking place at this facility. If I found any one of my residents double-briefed or sitting in excrement the person responsible would be immediately repremanded and investigated for neglect.
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    When in doubt..WEAR GLOVES! Wow. You were just being smart and safe. This place sounds awful and the state needs to be involved.
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    I would wear gloves. It is not a waste of supplies if you are using it to protect yourself. PROTECTING yourself is important. I would report it. And for the person who responded saying it is unlikely you wash your hands according to protocol. How do they know? I know one of the things I am big on is HANDWASHING! Always protect yourself! And of course wearing gloves you are protecting yourself and the patient.
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    C-diff? MRSA? These diagnoses require the use of PPE and proper hand hygiene. Encourage the pts to also wash their hands before leaving the room. While I work at a hospital, our policy is to have those in iso to have clean linens on the WC, wash their hands before leaving the room, and refrain from touching anything while out if the room. These people may feel better if they were able to wash their hands hands once in a while and may not be offered the opportunity very often.
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    This would come in under the Elder Justice Rule signed by Congress in 2010. This states you are obligated to report such neglect to the State or law enforcement if it is resulting in physical harm.
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