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  1. How did you do in A&P?

    I earned an 96% ironically in A&P 1 and 2. What helped me the most of actually tutoring my friends in the class and using a portable dry erase board. Does your school have tutoring? I would break the word up into pieces to make sure I had the spe...
  2. My Beloved Nursing Students

    If I ever needed medical help, I would hope a nurse like you was there! You seem very diligent. Thanks for the informative post.
  3. EMT-B course while waiting to start RN nursing program?

    Also, I also haven't heard from the hospital yet. It's likely they found someone with more credentials. It's okay though; I'm still in school, which is my #1 priority right now. One day
  4. EMT-B course while waiting to start RN nursing program?

    I've decided after talking with the nursing program coordinator at my school and researching some, that PHB is a better choice. EMT is definitely more different than it is similar, which may confuse me more than help. Needless to say, I'm very excite...
  5. Was reprimanded for wearing gloves while working with a patient

    Report them!
  6. EMT-B course while waiting to start RN nursing program?

    They were full-time nursing staff.
  7. Ebola in the US

    Is anyone else slightly worried about the two patients who're being treated for Ebola in US? The infected American doctor arrived in Atlanta, GA a few days ago from West Africa. I hope he gets the medical care he really needs and deserves! I can't be...
  8. First job - HIV unit

    During my first nursing clinical experience in LPN school, my old classmate had a HIV+ pt who deliberately tried to throw bodily secretions on her. It happens, and unfortunately from the effects of the disease. Personally, I wouldn't risk it; but tha...
  9. First job - HIV unit

    What do you all think about double gloving? I saw nurses doing that for certain pts and I wonder if it makes a difference or is more dangerous? I'll be working with L&D eventually, so I'm worried about this issue too!
  10. EMT-B course while waiting to start RN nursing program?

    Thank you! Are hospitals no longer cross-training like before? My mother and grandmother worked at hospitals their entire career, and were cross-trained to do various tasks. Is this no longer the case? I was hoping the hospital I applied at offered a...
  11. EMT-B course while waiting to start RN nursing program?

    Thank you. I plan on going to nurse-midwifery school after I graduate the RN program. It's a competitive field to get into, but I'm very determined. I was in the LPN program for 1 semester, but I dropped out to start the RN program instead since LPN ...
  12. Hello, I'm trying to decide on whether I should take EMT-B course for the next 4 months, until nursing school begins in January. The only other class I have is basic pharmacology (1 credit). I've completed all the required prerequisites. I figure I...