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rnforforty has 41 years experience and specializes in Infection Control, Med/Surg, LTC.

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  1. rnforforty

    Do you still have energy to cook after a 12 hour shift?

    I didn't do much cooking until I retired, and I discovered my house had a kitchen!
  2. rnforforty

    Surplus of Nurses - should I think twice?

    I can tell you that nursing at 60 ain't easy! Bad knees, arthritis, and 12 hr + shifts don't mix.
  3. rnforforty

    Why did you decide to become a nurse?

    Temporary Insanity. That and I'm a 3rd generation nurse, now retired!
  4. rnforforty

    Nurses not taking breaks

    What's a break? Never in over 40 years of nursing did I ever have coverage for a break. Now retired I have a part time gig at a pet shop that I LOVE. The first day they walked up to me and said 'Go take your 15 minutes' I almost fainted. And I only work 4 to 5 hour shifts (about 15 hours a week).
  5. rnforforty

    Dumbest thing a doctor has done/said to you

    LOL! Love this thread. After 40+ years, I've got a few goodies too. MD calls all panicked when I was IC/EH manager. A patient of his in ICU was found to have tetanus and he wanted all the staff to have tetanus boosters because they 'might get it'. Explained it was not communicable person to person. Long pause and then tiny voice saying 'Never mind'. MD ordered only Tylenol for terminal CA patient in final stages. Why? 'They might get addicted' ????? MD not discharging elderly woman home after fall. (Pt uninjured, living on own, lucid, refusing nursing home.) Why? 'She might fall again'. Well, yes, she might. But he might get hit by a car crossing the street to his office, does this mean he has to give up his office practice? We can't swaddled them in cotton!
  6. rnforforty

    Nurses expecting to do too much!

    I guess I'm anal, but because I HATE to be forced to get on the telephone and chase docs for order clarification once they have escaped the unit, I've been known to grab the chart right out of their hands to check for completeness and legibility, at the same time saying, 'Don't you take a single step until I make sure these are right!' You would not believe some of the reactions I get but all have been positive. Most chuckle. I totally horrified a new oriented I was precepting but like I told her: It's 95% about the patient and 5% CYA!
  7. rnforforty

    Going "Above and Beyond" UGH

    When did hospitals (hospital: a place where sick or dying person go to have their basic human and medical needs cared for in a humane manner by specially trained and skilled caregivers) go into competition with the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Chain? As a Korean nurse friend was heard to tell a demanding, ready to go home patient, 'Dis NO Holiday Inn!' And when did a patient become a 'client' or 'customer'? They are PATIENTS, sick and afflicted! A client or customer are there voluntarily, patients don't want to be there at all! Lord, when did it all go to he**?
  8. rnforforty

    Med Error by CNA

    I'm still confused. It is my understanding that in certain states CNAs, with additional training as a Medication Tech can pass routine meds. Maryland is one such state. Otherwise, anyone other than an RN or LPN, can't pass any meds. That said, are you saying you gave the patient's 1.5mg dose of coumadin at 5pm instead of 8pm, or, that you gave an ADDITIONAL 1.5mg, or, that the 1.5mg was the wrong dose altogether?
  9. rnforforty

    1st Med Error

    The nurse who claims never to have made a med error must not do anything! So said one of my instructors better than 40 years ago. There are the errors you know about and then there are the 'insensible' ones - those that neither you or anyone else catch. Like when the patient has just finished swallowing a whole cup full of pills and says 'Gee, I never had the pink one before'. And the garbage bag that you tossed the blister packs in left the room via housekeeping 10 minutes ago! Happy garbage hunting!
  10. rnforforty

    Nurses that eat their young

    I've had a similar thing happen, but could have cared less. I've always maintained that there must be enough Indians to take care of the papposes, and was never happy as a Chief. Let her move up. My experience has been that karma is a ***** and she will be found out. In the meantime I'm happy to avoid hospital conflict and politics and am delighted to be fluffing pillows and soothing brows.
  11. rnforforty

    Documenting elimination route

    Void, incontinent, qs (quantity sufficient).
  12. rnforforty

    Should I be worried contact with Mrsa/VRE patient?

    Gotta a flash for you - this is a Body Fluid Exposure - report this to Employee Health at once and write up an exposure/incident report! Then follow the facility protocol. Don't you remember OSHA? Another flash - you are exposed to MRSA every day in any setting, not just at work. It can be on the grocery cart handle, money, the minister's hands when he shakes yours after church! 50% of the normal, well, walking around population are colonized with MRSA. And I would hazard a guess that most of your coworkers are as well.
  13. rnforforty

    What age of patient's are the most difficult for you?

    MDs! One, when I was a student nurse told me to go get his chart, he 'wanted to write some orders'! Another cried when I had to shave areas on his chest to get his monitor leads to stick. The third, who was also the hospital CEO, would disappear regularly and had to be tracked down to his office for meds/treatments until one day I'd had enough and paged him overhead to 'return to his patient room'. Also, among the worst were the prisoners brought in from the local jail. No guard. Caught one smoking pot, another drinking - called the jail and told them to come get them. A third had just been picked up for DUI and brought to the hospital for a head injury. Caught him trying to jump out a third floor window. Called security and the police and had him arrested (he wasn't formally arrested when he was brought in- the trooper was trying to cut him some slack - I wasn't as understanding). Gotta love nursing!
  14. rnforforty

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    "I was told that if I wanted a BSN; with all the coursework I had completed already, it should only be a few upper level nursing courses. When I looked into it, I found that schools wanted anywhere from 10-15 courses at costs of $11,000 - $25,000. When I looked at curriculums, I saw courses such as Theories of Nursing, Sociology of Nursing, Leadership and Ethics. All of this was incorporated into my diploma program and nothing new that had no bearing on patient care, I didn't see the purpose of taking on another student loan debt at age 50 to write nonsense papers in APA format at a cost of up to $25,000. Now, if RN-BSN programs consisted of some upper level courses on topics such as; how to recognize early signs of sepsis, new wound care techniques, how to prevent the progression of heart disease and diabetes, how to treat and possibly prevent mental deterioration in the elderly or anything else that can actually be of benefit to people, that would be a different story." I am a diploma nursing school graduate circa 1973. Worked in nursing until last year when I took early retirement due to being riffed like all the old, top of the payscale nurses at all the local hospitals. I've put in numerous applications with not one call back. Why? They can hire a new, wet behind the ears BSN for less than they need to pay me for my experience. I went back to school right after graduation for my BSN. One class at a time while working full time. Got all those useless prelims out of the way (English, Am. Lit, etc). Applied to the local university for the BSN program (also where all my 99 credit hours and my 3.0 grade average resided) and was told my credits were too old! When did English grammar change? Is a semicolon no longer used? How the hell did these courses change? In addition, they would not offer any credit hours for my years of nursing experience (at the time I was the Director of Infection Control/Employee Health, a position I held for 19 years - I was riffed in 2008 when a merger occurred and most department managers in both facilities were turfed). This meant taking organic/inorganic chemistry, A&P, and all that crap over again. I was in my 50's! No to the BSN and accompanying debt. Oh, and the IC/EH position is now TWO separate positions (I did BOTH and worked 4 days a week) AND is STILL being advertised for 7 years later!
  15. rnforforty

    Anybody you know leave the field of nursing?

    I didn't leave nursing, it left me. Many of us in our late 50s-60s were ousted during a sweep at 3 local hospitals. The few left were given such a hard time they left with most taking early retirement.
  16. rnforforty

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    Age discrimination is so true. Within the last 6 years 3 of the 4 local hospitals riffed most of their long term nurses. Of those I know who were not caught in the eliminations (done under the guise of eliminating positions and then turning around and hiring for those supposedly non-existent positions) were given such a hard time that all have retired early (age 62). I was one. I haven't worked in nursing for over a year and currently work at PETSMART a few hours a week to get out. I know one male nurse who is a bag boy at the local supermarket. However, my husband who is terminal with pulmonary fibrosis, went 8 days in the hospital recently without being bathed or the offer of cleaning his teeth. He went for over 24 hours without any nurse assessing his breath sounds and pulmonary status. The only nurse to see he was assessed was an older, experienced nurse, who checked him every 2 hours. None of the pert, young new hires touched him. So, what's wrong with this picture?