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  1. Thinking about getting a gun for safety

    Exactly. I can always get another job. I can't replace me. They would just have to fire me.
  2. Thinking about getting a gun for safety

    I am sorry but I need to make it home at the end of the day. Better check your state laws on that as well and make sure you have the training and permit to carry a weapon. I enjoy home health but I am not willing to die over it.
  3. Fired for Falsifying Documents. What to expect

    Stop worrying about the board taking your license. This is coming from a PT who was reported(myself) to NC state board as retalition for exposing issues in the our workplace and standing up for pts when they weren't getting proper care from staff. ...
  4. HH agency harassment after I quit!

    always refer to your employee handbook for the correct written notice you need to provide. Otherwise they are well in their right to report you to your board for abandonement. I have worked in places I absolutely hated and worked right down to the fu...
  5. Severe dementia referral

    I am a PT. We have to assess any and all pts that fall because of course fall indicate a balance problem which goes hand in hand with poor safety, decrease muscle strength, poor vision etc. I have over 10 years experience with Alzheimers related deme...
  6. Home Health: Dirty looks and eye rolls

    It sounds like an honest mistake. Next time just take the extra time to put the pt back to bed since she obviously misunderstood. As far the coughing I know myself. I would have checked in again and I am not a nurse either but a PT. I like all my vi...
  7. Feeling Concerned for my safety.

    That is my next step to report the neglect. I have not witnessed abuse at this time but who knows. The crazy grandson then said the reason why he had a knife in his hand was to protect his grandmother. From what? A nurse who identified herself? His ...
  8. Feeling Concerned for my safety.

    I told my supervisor under no circumstances would I set foot back in the home. It's not worth the risk. Will they fire me? Probably not as they can't find reliable staff as it is. He told me they were still investigating the incident. Personally they...
  9. Does this happen a lot?

    The agency I am with never mentioned anything about malpratice insurance but I always had it and the paperwork to prove I was covered. My last job required it. I guess it depends on who you are employed with. I know they will not pay me for work on c...
  10. Feeling Concerned for my safety.

    I don't understand it either. It baffles me why she entered the home a second time. I have never met this nurse but her behavior struck me as odd as well. I would have called the policce.
  11. Feeling Concerned for my safety.

    The patient has a MD orderd therapies and nursing visits. This person appears to be in their 20's. He's off which I would agree with and probably may even be on something. His behavior is very off. The patient is also neglected as far as care being p...
  12. Feeling Concerned for my safety.

    Long story short one of the case managers who is an RN went to the home of a patient to do a supervisory visit. Pt's grandson who is supposed to be taking care of the patient claims he did not know who the nurse was after she knocked a few times desp...
  13. low balling me with pay rate?

    I was given a lowball offer by several companies I am in the Dallas area as well as a PT. It was several companies that attempted that as well. There are so many PT jobs out here that I kept looking.
  14. How flexibile are you with patients in HH

    Yes I told the agency I was going to do the discharge from PT and I would pick him back up if the patient still n eeded the service after he returned. They were going on to try to keep him on. I notice that alot but of course agencies don't like to ...
  15. How flexibile are you with patients in HH

    Thanks everyone. I am assured that what I am thinking is very logical. I have x amount of patients that need to be each day. I have very wiggle room to cater to everyone time wise. I think I am too nice about this coming from my friend who is a PT. H...