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I thought it might be nice to have a place for us to vent our frustrations with waiting until May 30th or so when letters start going out. I know I'm going nuts already! How about introductions and a little info about each... Read More

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    if anyone (besides me) is waiting on terre haute......i got this email back today from the coordinator:


    we have made the final selections. the asn letters are going out this week. the pn letters will go out this week"

    looks like she's been answering the question a lot!


    part of me thinks that i could have done the tally for 1000 applicants with one other person, coffee, and two days. lol the letters would go out the third day, but only after the quickie email status in campus connect. but then, i'm all for instant gratification.

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    I saw the receptionist at Indy take my paper, tally my score right then, write and circle my points at the top.

    I guess that's how Indy got letters out so fast.

    Maybe the other schools should do that too.
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    Hi everyone! I have been following this thread for about a week, and want to say Congratulations to everyone. I just got my letter from Madison and I got in!!! Yay!! I'm still waiting on Columbus but no matter what, I'm in a program!! Congratualtions again to everyone!!

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    I applied to Madison too..but no letter..is that a bad thing?
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    Congratulations April!!!
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    Quote from davilynlovesdaniel
    I applied to Madison too..but no letter..is that a bad thing?
    My friend got in with a 195 and I had a 203, so you're in if you had a higher score than that!
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    Thanks for the pick me up..I just won't feel better until I get that letter though...then my husband better call a sitter cause this little lady needs to celebrate!
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    congrats and welcome aprilp!
    fort wayners ahhhh june 5th? what happened to may 31st?
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    Still nothing from Bloomington. I'm beginning to think they just decided to say forget it and threw the letters in the trash!

    At least I'm in somewhere though, because if it wasn't for Lawrence I literally would be in the psych ward right now

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