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Hi Everyone,Just wanted to start a new post for all of us who just got in the program for this coming January. Would be great to chat with others about our experiences. Personally, I am excited, nervous, scared. Has anyone signed... Read More

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    I was thinking about your issue with how to make it visual, and I think the skills will come most easily to you. My fundamentals book came with videos that teach the clinical skills and it makes it a million times easier. Maybe you could look around youtube to see if any student videos on fundamental themes are out there. As far as reading is concerned, my instructor recommended reading the boxes (in the text) if you were running short on time, because they have the most important information. I also think it is important not to cram too much in during one study session. Maybe just an hour at a time, then do something else for a bit, go back for another hour. Another trick is recording lectures, I listen to them when I've read too much and I need a break. I also know other students who have a long commute to school and they listen to them as they drive. Anyway, just some ideas some of us are throwing around. I hope it all starts falling into place for you!

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    Quote from erimoj01
    Hey guys!! I will be an ASN student in Gary this January and am very excited to start but I am also scared!! I went to orientation on 11-8 but our classes were not in the system yet so I don't know what classes I will be taking yet. For now I am trying to get all the other stuff like the physical and shots done...but pfew, it's alot!!

    Can you believe that we are now in our 3rd semester girl! I'm so thankful I met you

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