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  1. Shilamar

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    I'm sorry but I think that is false. Lol.
  2. Shilamar

    $57,000 for an ADN at Kaplan?!!!!!!

    Even though that happened to that school along with MedTech in Indiana there are still other schools out there that are booming with graduation rates. You need to research before just going in on places.
  3. Shilamar

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    When you work in a field that you're studying there is a difference. Fresh information sinks in different than information you're familiar with. That's not just in healthcare. If you're working as a chef and you go to school for culinary arts, you already have a basic understanding of food and how to prepare it.
  4. Shilamar

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    Ok so I have to comment on this cause I think it will help a lot especially for those that are attempting to go for their Nursing. I have been working in healthcare for a total of 14 years, half being in positions like dietary, unit secretary, scheduler, specialty receptionist, and record keeper. The other half was being a CNA, Phlebotomist, and a QMA (Medication Administrator/Aide). I am currently pursuing my LPN and will stop at my FNP. Although I'm not a full nurse now, being a QMA preps you for that in many ways. The transition is minimal other than responsibilities. I honestly think school would be harder for someone that hasn't worked in healthcare or in the nursing setting. When you're in school you're so worried about passing that test and cramming information trying to retain it. In the actual workplace you're not necessarily studying, but you're implementing what you've learned into the care you provide. Another thing about actually working as a nurse is that there is always someone that you can go to if you're unsure and will have no problem showing you and steering you in the right direction.
  5. Shilamar

    Orlando Tech LPN January 2012

    I plan on going to Orlando Tech when I move down there next week, so hopefully I start with you all. I'm moving from Indianapolis, Indiana. Wish me luck and good luck to you all.
  6. Shilamar

    Orlando Tech (LPN Program)

    I plan on going to Orlando Tech when I move to Orlando on the 8th of December. I believe the classes start in January. I'm so excited. I'm moving from Indianapolis, IN.
  7. Shilamar

    Valencia College Spring 2012

    Does anyone know anything about Orlando Tech? That is where I'm supposed to be going for my LPN when I move to Orlando from Indianapolis
  8. Shilamar

    Orlando Schools

    SEMINOLE I believe doesn't have financial assistance. Plus I would be considered an out of state student which I hate. The other one was entirely too much I believe.
  9. Shilamar

    Orlando Schools

    Hello, I been observing on this site for awhile and also making a couple comments. Well, I'm going to be taking the leap of faith at the end of this month and moving to Orlando, FL. I'm coming from Indianapolis, IN, which I've lived in Indiana all my life. I'm currently a male CNA and I was of course going to continue my education by becoming a LPN, then bridging to a RN, and then bridging to a NP. My issue is that I don't know of any schools in Orlando. I believe I may have found one which is Orlando Tech. Does anyone have any insight about this school at all? Any advise will be a big help. I'll be submitting my application of reciprocity for my CNA to transfer from here to Orlando. Thanks to all that may reply.
  10. Shilamar

    MedTech LPN/RN graduates

    I've been a student at MedTech for quite some time. Im sure they will have their NLN by the time you graduate if you decide to go there. Ill be starting the RN program in April. The program is 21 months for any new student. I think its well worth it.
  11. Shilamar

    MedTech College

    I will stick with MedTech, their NCLEX rate is practically flawless. They graduate students s almost every 3 months. All packed into a 21 month program.
  12. Shilamar

    MedTech College

    When I went to IvyTech, ro tried to, they said they were on a waitlist. Then I was told that my entry into the program is based off of an overall (statewide) score were going to be taken into consideration because the demand for their ASN program was so high.... I will not compete with someone for my education. Also I will not be told that I need to go to another location that isn't necessarily convienient for me to attend. It's nothing personal, just what I've encountered when I tried to apply.
  13. Shilamar

    MedTech College

    And what campus are you referring to?
  14. Shilamar

    patient Care Techs

    If I'm not mistaken. They are the same. Anything extra is usually taught on the job. That's how it is over here. Indianapolis, IN.
  15. Shilamar

    MedTech College

    Ok. Its really funny when people think that putting people on a waitlist which can be 2 - 3 years long. That's not being competitive that's being tacky and overly choosy. I'm not going to compete for education. Its a not a game its a privilege. Waitlist do nothing but control how many are coming out at a time. As for whomever you worked with, they may be the ones that just happen to be in a bad batch. But they had to of done something's right if they graduated AND passed the NCLEX.