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A little frightened, A lot excited about the next chapter of my life

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  1. Ivy Tech: Accepted for Fall 2011

    Congratulations to all on getting accepted to the program! I am a current RN student and thought I would drop in and give some pointers. First and foremost follow your schools advice over mine. This is a busy time for you all in getting prepared and...
  2. what type of group is AA?

    I believe technically it is referred to as a Self-Help group. :)
  3. New Ivy Tech RN/LPN students for Jan 2011

    First few weeks of nursing school have been an eye-opening experience. Was not aware of many things. Besides all the mountains of reading and skills to be mastered, there are ATI tests, along with regular class exams in almost every class that we hav...
  4. New Ivy Tech RN/LPN students for Jan 2011

    Seems that January starting date is getting closer all the time. Getting really excited! Anyone purchase their scrubs and books yet?? Any thoughts on the sizing for scrubs (ours at FW are the khaki colored ones). What do you all think are the best w...
  5. New Ivy Tech RN/LPN students for Jan 2011

    Thanks for the great advice, Travelcat! I keep hearing things about how difficult things are the first semester. My advisor said that it gets better after that. Still a little unsure of myself. Is there anything that you wished you would have brush...
  6. New Ivy Tech RN/LPN students for Jan 2011

    Hi Everyone,Just wanted to start a new post for all of us who just got in the program for this coming January. Would be great to chat with others about our experiences. Personally, I am excited, nervous, scared. Has anyone signed up for classes yet? ...
  7. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    Hi my2girlskk, Had a 205. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)
  8. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    Also got my letter today and got accepted at FW's ASN. I still can't believe it's real. I cried for a half hour after seeing it. WOW! So happy for you too Catnip, Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting you. Looks like we have a lot to get done b...
  9. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    Hi Catnip, Am also applying (Sept 1- deadline) for Spring for RN and LPN. So very nervous and excited!! I have a 205. Hoping that it's good enough to get in. Best of luck to you. Hope we both make it!! Hope To
  10. Chemistry 51

    Hi Michael, I am an older student as well and also am not so great with math...but this site is very helpful. At least it helped me anyway. It is CHEMTUTOR Best wishes! Hope
  11. Hi Newstudent,I understand how you feel...I've been out of school for more than 20 years myself. I have been reading posts on here for quite awhile and have taken my first TEAS test recently and did well due to the help on allnurses. I do have most o...
  12. TEAS Study Guide

    Hi Holl Doll,The first thing you will want to do is read the entire sticky entitled, Teas Study Skills Sticky - DO NOT POST TEST Questions". You will find it on the page one at the very top. It will give you great insight as to what may be on your T...
  13. This seems to be a topic that gets swept under the rug most of the time. I think the majority of us lefties are so used to this kind of behavior that we don't always recognize it or we often choose to ignore it when we see it. I have done massive res...
  14. I'm from Indiana and never realized there was a Left Handed Museum.I will have to see that sometime. Great advice on the mirroring technique. Thank you!
  15. Do you ever feel like we lefties deserve to be shown our way of learning or do we continually accomodate ourselves to the "right way"? Seems a little discriminatory at times. Everything else is accomodated, low vision, learning disabilities, etc., I ...