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Has anyone been to MedTech in Greenwood or heard of it? Does anyone know if they have a good nursing program? :)... Read More

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    is the entrance/teas test hard to pass for the LPN program..

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    just to let some people know some things i have been hearing about getting jobs after getting out of medtech. there is a hospital close to me that has stated that a certain floor of the hospital will not hire a person from medtech. and another person from a different hospital said “let me put it this was i will never hire a person from brown mackie and i think medtech is the equivalent of them”. but they did stat they are going to wait and see what the passing rate of the school is before she makes a true decision on to hire a medtech grad or not. so, my suggestion to everyone going to medtech i do whatever is in your power to make sure you pass the nclex the first time around. if we can't pass the test it looks bad on the school and they are not teaching the students what they need to know to be on a floor taking care of patients. this in turn will effect if you get a job in a hospital or if you will stuck working in some other place you didn't want to work. i for one want to work in the hospital not an ecf. i'm afraid that if the school is looking like crap that is where i will be stuck. i will have to find a place that takes medtech’s credits and then i can get the school off my resume or at least make it look like i know what i am doing by furthering my education and a decent school.
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    For all the people that are complaining about credits not transferring I am sure you knew that before you decided to go to the school, why complain now? I think the students who do all the complaining are the same ones who don't pay attention and probably don't apply themselves 100%. I am not trying to offend anyone but don't you know complaining gets you nowhere? Do what you have to do and and maybe you will see change. Every school has their problems not just the for profit private schools.
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    HI! I'm the process of re-testing on my teas at MedTech. I was really close in passing the first time,but I'm going back next week. :icon_roll I hope to pass!
    I have researched Nursing schools,and done my homework,and they are in good standing! I want to do LPN and then RN Do u know how many they accept for the Indy location? They told me the price of the school. Does that include living expenses in the financial aid ?
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    The cost of the school is very expensive. But the LPN program is less expensive, for the RN program most students, if not all, have out of pocket expenses especially if you do not find your textbooks elsewhere. I got the MAX in grants and federal loans and still have to pay cash out of pocket! But, as of right now I am not regretting it.

    I just started the RN program in September and in our class we have I believe 30-32...initially they said 25 though.
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    And GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Quote from IbreakForBichons
    I am a current ASN student at MedTech Greenwood. I finish up this month . Now, I have sat through 8 quarters of griping and complaining. Slandering Instructors and the ASN program. The bottom line is this; If you haven't spent tons of money taking and retaking classes to become "competitive" at schools like Ivy Tech, I.U., Butler, U.I. go to MedTech and save yourself some money in the long run. I had a 4.0 at IvyTech and still didn't get in. Maybe my interview was not what they were looking for. Maybe it was the other 500+ applicants that threw me to the bottom of the pile. Meanwhile I aced my TEAS, interviewed with two faculty and was on my way to what I am RN. You can listen to all the crap that people post here, but at the end of the day, allowing people to discourage you could be the reason you won't have RN behind your name for quite some time. MedTech is a new program, and we are having some growing pains. Most new programs do. There is a large amount of information in a short period of time. You have to study. You have to put in the time. That's all to it. Only one person to date has failed their NCLEX. Think about that. I have no worries about finding employment. The RN instructors are wonderful. There are a few bad apples, but overall they are great. You will have small class sizes, and personal attention in an environment where you feel comfortable asking question without fear of being judged or made fun of. I feel great about my clinical skills. Yes, I can administer injections, yes I can start and pull I.V.'s, yes I can do tube feedings, and yes I can Assess the h*ll out of you. . So I encourage you to get off the net and do some one on one research. What is your goal? After all the BS, my goal was to be an RN. I am an RN . No, I am not staff or an instructor.... They don't pay them enough I hear lol!
    Just want to clarify for everyone. The person who posted stated that the reason he/sshe did not get into IvyTech may have been due to his/her interview. IvyTech does not do interviews to determine whether you are accepted to the program or not. Its is all based on points from pre-reqs + TEAS score. Attend one of their meetings for new applicants if you want the facts straight from the horses mouth. Perhaps this person had confused IvyTech with another school, which is certainly understandable considering all of the different criteria for each school.
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    Well, I'm in my 2nd quarter of the LPN program at Indy Medtech campus. I posted to this thread in June the day before I started the program and thought I would update on my experience.

    Hmmm...well, it's a lot of work and effort!! I'm in the 3rd week of 2Q and have classes 5xwk with clinicals on Saturdays. I actually took off today from my FT job just to complete homework for this week.

    I have concerns about some things w/the college. I feel the program could be better organized. However, most of the instructors -(so far)- have been informative and pleasant. I am not one of the students who go to the office and complain about things. Yes, the college is not perfect. Emails to the nursing faculty go unanswered most of the time; information from faculty differs on whom you talk to at a given time; In the 1stQ, our first clinical notice was given two days in advance when the class was told clinicals wouldn't start until the 3rd week. There are maybe two instructors I have (had) that didn't seem to know how to teach, but a teaching license is not required for MTC. However, all the instructors for the nursing programs are RNs or BSNs so even though some do not come across as "knowing" how to relay information, I know they "know" what they are teaching about.

    The attendance policy is strict for students. An attendance of 87% is required. That equals to 6 hours for each class per Q. If you fail in attendance, the class is to be taken over. One clinical per Q can be missed and it has to be made up within two weeks. I was sent home from clinicals one time last Q for being sick and actually had to make my clinical up by doing a research paper and incorporating a nursing plan to a real-life current event.

    I guess to sum it up, even though I have some issues with the school, overall, I feel it's worth it. The time and effort I am putting in pays off in 11 months and so I just keep that in mind when I feel overwhelmed with info and studies. Since I work FT during the day, the night LPN class was really the only one available around Indy for me. I'm sure I would have researched other schools for PM nursing classes had more been available as an option though.

    (fingers crossed for NLN status before I graduate!)....A--
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    Wow anjoba...well I am glad you are keeping a positive attitude
    I am in the night RN program at the Indianapolis campus, only in my 1st quarter though. Thanks for the update...I am stuggling as well working full time days, coming to class 4 nights a week and raising my 4 year old and 10 month old. It is definitely hard and I don't think I anticipated it being this difficult but I know it will pay off!!! lol 20 more months and counting for me
    What are the clinical sites? We don't start clinicals until 4th quarter...
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    I'm sad. I didn't pass my teas test today. My math is getting me. I don't understand why i cant just retest in the area that i didn't pass. Now, i have to way till next year to re-test. just don't seem fair to shut someone out because of math. I want to be a Nurse not a math teacher. oh well.....i guess things happen for a reason. Maybe the good lord don't want me to go to the Med-tech.

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