IUPUI Accelerated BSN 2013

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    Hi all! Anyone applying for the IUPUI Accelerated BSN program in Indianapolis for this fall? I've just sent in my application- I'd love to talk to others who have as well!

    So excited

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    I did! Sent my application in January and then mailed along a copy of my academic planning sheet to officially complete my application. My application GPA was 3.76, so I'm nervous I might be "borderline". I met with an advisor and asked if she'd recommend retaking any classes, but she kept reassuring me that I was being too nervous and should be a strong candidate. That only goes so far when I know they ONLY consider GPA and they'll work their way from 4.0 down the list of applicants :/

    I know they just recently changed the requirements to have ALL prerequisites completed the semester you apply to be able to be accepted to the program (i.e. requirements finished spring semester to be accepted for fall semester) and the advisor thought that would narrow the applicant pool for the next few classes :/

    Hopefully you're not as nervous as I am...thanks for starting the thread, it would be nice to have others to compare notes with and ease some of the worry !
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    Hey! That's a great gpa, I'm sure you'll be fine ******, the advisor who's been helping me the most (love her) told me that they recently expanded the pool of incoming students to a class of 50 people, so she said I shouldn't worry too much. I've got a 3.8 right now and I'm retaking sociology to bump it up to an a from a B+ (so silly but I'll do anything!)

    I am nervous, but mostly about financial aid- Have you filled out your scholarship application yet? If I hadn't done some prodding of the staff there I never would've found out that the scholarship applications are open to us now AND due like on the 1st of April!

    So will you have finished your pre-reqs by the end of this semester?
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    That is great to hear they've opened the size to 50 people. I was poking around on the website recently and noticed that they no longer are offering a summer start date! Had you noticed that? They changed some of the dates for notification, it used to say that applications were processed and notification of acceptance sent out in May, but now it says they're processed late May and notification sent out in June! More wait time I wonder if enrollment is really dropping due to options at Marian and U Indy? Anyway, their ABSN is still my top choice and I'm sure for many others.
    When I met with the advisor in January I got the impression the "application gpa" is determined by any classes you've completed the semester before applying, and that any classes in process would not contribute to the official application GPA that the decision is based off of. However, if they're waiting until the end of May to process applications, it gives the impression grades from this semester will be taken into consideration when issuing acceptance letters, doesn't it?

    I haven't filled out anything for financial aid! I JUST got my FAFSA in under the deadline, but don't even know where to begin to apply at IUPUI specifically. I guess I assumed I couldn't/wouldn't apply for anything until I'm officially a student. From the sound of it, is there one "general" scholarship application through the financial aid department at IUPUI? That would be nice to know, good for you for getting that information out!
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    Good luck to you both. It's an excellent program.

    The school of nursing has a single location to apply for scholarships. You can go through the options and apply to the ones for which you qualify.

    Here is a link to undergrad nursing scholarships at IU SON (click Apply at the bottom of the page): Eligibility Criteria
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    Best of luck to all the applicants.

    I'm planning to apply to the accelerated BSN program at IUPUI in Fall 2014 and I have a few questions about the application process.

    When do your prerequisites need to be completed in relation to when you submit your application and when you wish to begin the program? I've heard different things and I tried emailing the IUPUI office to confirm one way or another but I haven't heard back from them.

    Also, how soon did you meet with someone from the SON to go through your transcript and identify which prerequisites you would need?

    Anything else stick out about the application process?
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    Hey All!

    I am currently in the IUSON ABSN program and I did received my letter of acceptance on May 24th for Fall 2012. If you have any questions, let me know!!

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    How much is the absn program going to have cost after all is said and done?
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    It's about 23k incl. books if you have all of your prereqs completed.
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    Thanks for the info

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