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Everything I Know About Life, I Learned From Nursing

By VivaLasViejas - ........I've learned that nursing is a great metaphor for life. It's both rewarding and frustrating, utterly fascinating at times and dull as tombs at others; it's funny, sad, beautiful, ugly, dramatic, unglamorous........and sometimes it outright stinks. ........A little effort can go a long,... Read More


Becoming a Nurse the hard way.

By twistedpupchaser - I bumped into an old boss the other day and he asked what I am doing with myself these days. I replied that I am a nurse, he smiled and said that he remembered me at 18 wanting to become a nurse and how everything got in my way to acheiving my dream. He was so happy that I finally made it that I... Read More


Teaching Effectively in Very Large Classrooms

By VickyRN - There is a huge difference in teaching 30 students, as opposed to 140 students. Large classrooms can be noisy, crowded, and full of distractions. The students can be disrespectful and out of control, with pockets of students texting, carrying on private conversations, and coming and going at will.... Read More


Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse

By madwife2002 - So after leaving the polls running for several weeks the one I felt most interesting was the opinion of US trained nurses opinion on Foreign trained nurses, only 54 people voted on this poll which is surprising since we have hundreds of thousands members of which a large percent must be from the... Read More


Talked into a career in nursing by Stephen King.

By eriksoln - I began my nursing career as a young male in a community college. I was taking prereqs, feeling my way around Corporate America, considering the endless possibilities of career paths. The options were limitless and I was often overwhelmed trying to consider them all. Accounting, computer software,... Read More


You Came All The Way From America Just For Me

By racypatty - After 27 hours of travel I have arrived. It is very hot, there is no air conditioning and only warm bottled water to drink. On January 14th I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the jungles of southern India on a volunteer medical missions trip. I went as the nurse to help two doctors from... Read More


I will talk, you just listen

By blt3535 - Ask anyone who knows me very well, and they can tell you what I have wanted to be when I “grow up” since I was 14 years old; a nurse. To be a nurse means to be compassionate, brave, and holding yourself up to very high standards while still encompassing the raw passion it takes to get there.... Read More


From a happy and lucky Nurse

By odobodoko - When I first started I didn't know how to explain a telemetry box to a patient appropriately, now I am a competent-independent RN and do work as a charge nurse sometimes. I believe there is nothing in the world as beautiful as doing something you like or you want.. All challenges pass by and you... Read More


Love and Healthcare in the Third World

By interleukin - Decade after decade we are subjected to the same images and videos of crying children with bloated bellies. Most of us are long tired or immune to the images and pleas for money. Many may wonder why the situation persists. Some are quick to point fingers. Others condemn the whole continent--a place... Read More


There's a Mousetrap In My Med Cart

By 99percentangel - As some classmates in our RN nursing program gathered around in a small group this morning, I sided up and listened to a story that quickly carried me back in time when I was a newly licensed practical nurse (LPN) just learning how to manage my time as I passed the early morning medications. The... Read More


The Most Amazing Patient

By jeninthedesert - Student Nurse – Class of 2010 One of my personal heroes came into my life in the most unexpected of ways. I have been working as a nursing assistant at a local hospital while going to school full-time to become a registered nurse. When I started my job in July 2007, I was brand-new to the... Read More


Expected Outcome - Not Met

By QuietRN - As I walk down the hall of my long-term care clinical site, I am anxious to begin a day full of learning! I have my group patient care plan in hand, and I’m ready to work on my interventions. I spent a lot of time coming up with interventions that I felt could really help our almost-a-century-old... Read More


University-Private Sector Research Partnerships

By VickyRN - imagine the effect the discovery of an alternate source of energy would have on our country and our economy – perhaps garbage from landfills could be used as cheap, clean, and “green” sources of energy. this would liberate us forever from dependence on foreign oil. perhaps the cures for aids,... Read More


Multiple Choice Test Items – Response Options

By VickyRN - the response (answer) options follow the stem. the answer selection part of the test item contains several (usually three) incorrect choices (distracters), plus one correct answer (the key). the nurse educator should use clear and direct terminology in crafting the response options. response... Read More


Some quick tips for a good latch

By Elvish - For moms who are breastfeeding, a good latch is supremely important. If not, nipple pain will soon ensue - even if the improper latch is held for just a few minutes, those few minutes can have a long-lasting effect. Additionally, if the baby's mouth is not wide open with enough breast tissue in the... Read More


International Nurses and UK nursing

By XB9S - One of the topics that is raised frequently in the UK and International forums is how does an international nurse go about working in the UK. The replies are often negative and in general try to convey how very difficult this is. There are lots of hoops to jump through and currently the... Read More


Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - The Stem

By VickyRN - multiple-choice test items have two parts: a stem and various answer options. we will discuss the stem in this segment. the stem furnishes introductory information and enough content to clue for the response. it may be constructed as either a direct question or an incomplete statement.... Read More


The Cultures of Nursing

By jtweedie - Transcultural Nursing Experience: The Cultures of Nursing Fresh out of nursing school and with my brand new RN license, I followed my husband overseas so that he could pursue his studies. So my very first “job” after graduation was in a Scottish hospital. What a shock! The job duties, the... Read More