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hey guys, I've been an RN for about 7 months now in California. I work at Cedars Sinai who pays really well. ive had an idea of moving to Illinois cause I have alot of cousins over there. i just wanna kno (they live around... Read More

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    I am about to graduate with an ADN in northwest Illinois. The small, local hospitals here offer about $18-20/hr for new grads, which doesn't seem like much when the factories offer that or more for entry-level pay (for jobs with no degree requirement). I have heard that rates can be as high as $29 starting base pay in Rockford or the suburbs outside Chicago, plus differential for nights and weekends. I don't really want to commute, but having massive student loans from a BS in biology, and now an ADN, I feel like I need higher pay to justify spending all that money to get my ADN, and to make my huge student loan payments. Plus, the hospitals around here are only hiring part-time right now. It is a little depressing, considering the debt and lack of income I have had for the last few years, to know I won't be making much more than a factory worker with no degree. I know factory work can be hard, but so can nursing!

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    Starting pay at a dtwn hospital I think is 26.50 for a new grad. After 3yrs I make 31 (started at 24.50) but it's not going up much from there. The benifits at this particular hospital are mediocre.
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    I just moved to the same area in the west suburbs in IL a couple of months ago and was hired as a NCII at a hospital here. They started me at $27.50/hr plus $3.00 shift diff and $2.00 weekend diff. Hope this helps!
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    Hi everyone

    Can someone give me an update on the salary for new grads in Chicago? Based on what I've read so far, I'm guessing it ranges from $26-$28? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Just got hired as an RN in the suburbs of Chicago at 26/hour+benefits. Hope this helps!
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    I'm starting to think our hospital in very Southern Illinois is jerking our chain with the pay rate we have! Starting out in ER you make the same as in ANY other department. New grads make less than 16 bucks an hour. I've been there for 8 years as an RN and am just now making 26 bucks an hour. Base pay is calculated by that 15.??/hr plus so much for every year of experience.
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    Wow-I never worked as a CNA, but I know many of friends who did and made almost 14/hour doing that. I know for sure you would be making much more closer to Chicago, but then again, the cost of living is much higher here also. Something to consider though if you're willing to make the move.
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    One of my colleagues is a new grad and making 24.50@ one hospital and 26.40 at another in Chicago. 24-27 seems to be the going rate for Chicago. Remember that most new grads are having a hard time finding jobs and are just glad to have a hospital job.
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    Thanks for the update romie. I thought the new grad hourly rate would be a lot higher in Chicago considering the higher living expenses. Perhaps I'll hold off on moving there after graduation.... ugh.
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    Why are new grads having a hard time finding jobs?

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