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NICU<3RN has 7 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. What sort of job/job title do you hold?

    Hi everyone - I am a certified neonatal clinical nurse specialist. These jobs, especially in my home state, are pretty much non-existent. Something I wish I knew when I embarked on this journey. I've been working as a staff RN for the last 7 years...
  2. Perkins Loan Cancellation

    As some of you may know, Federal Perkins loans can be cancelled over a 5 year period if practicing as a full-time nurse. Does anyone know what "full-time" is considered to be for this benefit? I have my cancellation forms, but everything just says "...
  3. Bracelets in the NICU

    My hospital doesn't usually put any bands on the critical babies in the ICU, the bands are usually in the bed with the infant. In the step down area we have Hugs bands that are always on the babies (that beep/ set off alarm if someone takes the baby...
  4. NICU Resource Books

    I am THRILLED to announce that after over a year of searching I will be starting a position in a level III NICU in a couple of weeks! I am nervous and excited! I'd really love to read some resource books to prepare me for my new position. I saw one...
  5. How do you verify NG tube placement on your unit?

    I am also surprised. Especially that its fairly often a kid will pull their tube out.. I've also heard (but not seen) that some NICUs reinsert the NG for each feeding in order to prevent reflux (sphincter is always open with NG tube.. and if in long...
  6. Z track for IM injections?

    Actually.. according to the Centers for Disease Control/US Dept. Health and Human Services "Because there are no large blood vessels in the recommended sites, aspiration before injection of vaccines (i.e., pulling back on the syringe plunger after ne...
  7. How to get into the NICU?

    I have been trying to get a position in a NICU for a year now. Does anyone have any suggestions that could help me get in? Nobody around here wants new NICU nurses.. and the people that get them.. just flukes I guess... like.. not even going in to ...
  8. How long are we considered new grads?

    Thanks. I did get to speak to the recruiter at one of the hospitals in my area who said that they won't hire "new grads" with Where do we get experience if we are not given the opportunity to get it?
  9. I was called by a recruiter at a hospital because I'd applied to several positions. We talked on the phone for a few minutes and I was invited in to do a "prescreen." Has anyone done one of these? Apparently I will only be meeting with the recruit...
  10. I have been working as a RN for 8 months now in a residential setting. However, I just spoke with a recruiter who informed me that I am being automatically rejected because I am a new graduate. I am wondering how long we are considered new grads? ...
  11. Alexian Brothers NewGrad Residency Program

    Approximately what percentage of nurses are hired onto units after the program? I'd like to apply but If only 2 of say 10 nurses are hired afterwards it is not such great odds. Are they only hired into med/surg or rehab?
  12. There are SO MANY psych nurses, therapists, social workers, behavioral health specialists, etc., that have had their own past struggles with mental illness, addiction, etc.. In this profession it is actually helpful to see where the patients are com...
  13. No nurse in a mental health/addictions facility?

    I'd be interested to see how that works as well. While our patient load is high between 18:1 - 26:1, there is still a nurse there 24/7 for meds, assessments, etc.
  14. Z track for IM injections?

    On our unit we try to do Z-track if appropriate and accessible. If it is not, and it is an emergency, we can use our judgement as to where to put the needle. While buttock is always the preferred site at our facility, if it can't be done by Z-track...
  15. Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Psych Patients

    When I was in nursing school I was TERRIFIED of the psych patients. I literally talked to only one patient during my entire rotation, and only for a whole of 2 minutes. I stayed as far away as I could.. and eventually the rotation ended. To which ...